Oak Ridge captures Big Shots Atlantic Slam Invitational Championship

The Oak Ridge Military boys basketball captured the prestigious Big Shots
Altantic Slam Invitational championship with 68-50 victory over the Richmond
Squires last night in Myrtle Beach, SC. Oak Ridge played in the premier AAU
division and was the only high school team participating in the event. Chris
Jones led the Cadets with 30 points and 6 assists and was named tournament Most
Valuable Player. Theo Pinson had 13 points off the bench and Jacob Lawson had 9
points, 12 rebounds and 8 blocked shots. Asad Lamot had 8 points and 5
assists. Carlos Rankins, Ryan King, Bashir Balarabe and Xavier Johnson played
key roles throughout the tourney.

Richmond Squires 12 15 8 15 50

Oak Ridge Military 11 22 15 20 68

Oak Ridge: Chris Jones 30, Theo Pinson 13, Jacob Lawson 9, Asad Lamot 8, Ryan
King 4, Carlos Rankins 2, Xavier Johnson 1, Bashir Balarabe 1


  1. The 16U Gaters won the Myrtle Beach Big Shots tournament also. Lee Sweeney from Grimsley was named MVP. Robert Clineman, Reed Lucas, Jake White, Q, and Jalen from GDS played key rolls as did Jackson Kent from Page, Adam Coble, Davis Tucker from Westchester and John McBeth from Northern.

  2. who is jones? maybe this guy will pull off an oak hill type of program after all if the competition is really that good. i don’t see neal’s name mentioned anywhere—does that mean he’s gone somewhere else to finish his career? he’s got some good potential. pinson must be as good as advertised, no wonder dudley risked three years of probation and loss of their tv revenue during the recruiting process!
    i wish we would go ahead and schedule orma so we could put all the discussions about who is better to rest! i will suggest that to coach johnson, coach smith, and coach shelton this week.

  3. LOL @ Mary Francis’ enthusiasm. She was a big Northern fan too, wasn’t she Andy? Why do you continue to be so selective in which of my posts you allow? They are not negative at all, just provocative.
    PS. We will be loaded next year—just look @ our contribution the 16U Gaters success.

  4. Dale,

    Provocative may be a bit too mature for this audience….

    We have a lot of young athletes that visist here and we have to be careful what comes flying in here.

    It looks like so far that this time around most all of the comments have come on through and that is a good thing….

    We are trying to stay away from that Old West shoot-em up Outlaw Style as we continue to develop our system…..

    *****I was also wondering where Neal was, he has been with the team most of the time this summer….*****

  5. Only high school team participating in the event…………….nuff said……..

  6. Andy-Mike injured him self, came home early and had surgery on his foot he is out 4-6 weeks, it was some bone in his foot, to dale fulton chris jones is a guy from memphis melrose who is already commited to Tennesee, Melrose was ranked 11th in the country last season, i think they will compete this year because they also have more bigs coming in from the IVORY COAst not sure if they arrived yet or not, to Andy how was the competiton at the big shots that they played if anyone knows please respond thank you

  7. Facts, I attended the Big Shots event and there were some big time talent there. This area was represented well. There were more than 100 college coaches in attendance and elite travel teams. The article did not mention the team from California that ORMA beat in the semi-final. That team was as good as any team at the event. Chris Jones is a high level point guard that scores at will. This team is fun to watch and is better than last year’s team. The kids from GDS and the Greensboro Warriors did really well competing against tough opponents. Looking for a great year around the County in basketball. Enjoy the talent while you can!

  8. Wondering, picture a “Princeton” style offense, but with long, athletic, tall, skilled players that has shooters. This team beat a very good travel team (Carolina Elite) Thursday, that had Reggie Perkins as one of their guards. Carolina Elite has 5 to 8 Division I players on it. When you have “High Major” Coaches under the basket of that game that should tell you how good both teams are. I am not a fan of ORMA, but it was hard to root against them in that game. I think Chris Jones had about 35 point in that game. The California team had 3 kids that committed to the PAC 10 schools. On a side note, look out for Reggie Perkins this year!!!!

  9. The California game was very close, but the others were mostly by at least 10 points. Games were competitive.

  10. i was told that ORMA coach k can get more players like jones but he wants to be loyal to his kids
    and to big shots-where any of these teams better then them that they played?? but orma also has some players coming from the ivory coast so wht you say wasnt there full team

  11. The California team was one of the best shooting teams in the tournament…They only carried 8 guys and all 8 of them shoot the ball very well…They were a great group to watch and play against…Chris Jones from Oak Ridge is unguardable…For a 5-9 kid, he is as good as it gets..

    ORMA will be very tough if they get the 3 bigs from the Ivory Coast…Theo Pinson played well beyond his years and Stan had him in the game during the final minutes against the team from Cali…

    We (Carolina Elite) beat two very tough teams after losing to the California team…All Ohio Red and Dallas Seawolves…Besides our backcourt of Terrence Williams and Anthony Stitt, another local player, Tyquan Roberts from Ragsdale is also a big piece to our success…

  12. coach reg do you know if the bigs from the ivory coast are anygood? and doesnt reggie perkins play for the elite to?

  13. the ivory coast kids are not here yet..he just has jacob and a 6-6 african kid along with a 6-6 kid that played at QEA..He plays a 3 guard set a lot, with theo playing a lot at the 3 along with asad and chris jones, but carlos rankins gets a lot of run also…they also have another 5-9 guard from atlanta…they will be tough with the bigs and with michael neal coming back during the high school season…

    reggie and tyquan both play for carolina elite..we have 4 players from the charlotte area, jalen ferguson, anthony stitt, jermaine forte and terrence williams, two players from durham joshea singleton and tre leonard, one player from greenville, dante harper and a 6-10 player from africa, giddeon oji..

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