Top plays in the MLB All-Star Game last night

1)Marlon Byrd(Cubs) play in right field, wien he made the one-hop throw to second base to nail the runner there….He threw the ball into the ground hard, so it would come up perfect, on that throw and he turned his body sideways, to add torque to the throw….This was a force-play at second, so the throw had to be exact….That has to count as one of the best, if not smartest defensive plays, that I have ever seen…..

2)Ryan Braun(Brewers) play in left field, with a diving catch, that was close to the line and Braun dove and came up with the ball and avoided getting injured, with his body making big-time contact, when he hit the grouind and he had to protect himself and his hand got caught and turned inside out, when hit the turf…..Pitcher Josh Johnson(Marlins) was very happy to see such a great catch…..Johnson was on the hill at the time for the NL….

3)Brian McCann(Braves) with a huge three-run double to left field, that proved to be the runs, that won the game….McCann really connected on the pitch and this gave the NL their first win since 1996 and it ended the AL’s 13-game losing streak……McCann’s brother Brad, played in Greensboro, for the Grasshoppers and McCann’s mom and dad, Howie and Sherry McCann, spent many a night watching baseball here in the Gate City….Great baseball family and Brian McCann is the man, again and again and again with those 3 huge RBI’s……

*****If you have some others, then add them to the list…..*****