North Carolina Coaches Association Clinic and All-Star Week coming to Greensboro July 19 – July 22, 2010

East-West All-Star Basketball
July 19, 2010 (Monday)
East-West All-Star Soccer
July 20, 2010 (Tuesday)
East-West All-Star Football
July 21, 2010 (Wednesday)

Phil Weaver and Mac Morris, two long-time leaders/coaches/teachers in our Greensboro community will again be spearheading this big event….It has reached the point, where the Coaches Clinic has actually grown larger than the games themselves, and this can be a very good thing, because it allows the games to continue in their current state/system and with all the coaches in town for almost a week, it gives the local economy a huge boost….

When you read about the history of the event, you’ll see the name Leon Brogden, from Wilmington, listed as the first coach for the East All-Star football team….His son Jim, has lived in Greensboro for several years, his grandaughter graduated from Grimsley HS and his grandson, Adam, plays basketball for the Grimsley Whirlies….Bob Jamieson(Grimsley HS) was the first-ever coach for the West football team…..

Here’s the inside on this year’s games and some of the history of the games……


East-West All-Star Basketball
July 19, 2010 (Monday)

East-West All-Star Soccer
July 20, 2010 (Tuesday)

East-West All-Star Football
July 21, 2010 (Wednesday)
The first East-West All-Star Games were held in the summer of 1949. The East football team coached by Leon Brogden of Wilmington High School (now New Hanover HS) won by a score of 20-7 over the West team coached by Bob Jamieson of Greensboro High School (now Grimsley HS). Charles Smith of Wilmington High School was named the outstanding player. The West team outscored the East 62-53 to take the first victory in basketball. Paul Sykes of Durham High School and Tony Simeon of High Point Central High School were the first head basketball coaches and Warren “Sonny” Russell from New Bern High School was the outstanding player.

Women’s basketball was added to the All-Star Games in the summer of 1975. The West team coached by Judy Flynn of Ragsdale High School defeated the East team coached by Bobby Miles of West Montgomery High School. The West’s Robin Simpson of Monroe High School was named the outstanding player in the 82-36 victory.

Soccer for men and for women became a part of the All-Star line-up in the summer of 1992. In the women’s match, Coach Paul Hesse’s (Northern Durham High School) East team and Coach Herk DeGraw’s (Grimsley High School) West team played to a 1-1 tie. Kasey Monroe of Garner High School was named the outstanding player. The East men guided by Coach Bob Catapano of Sanderson High School pulled out a 2-1 victory over the West team coached by Zack Osborne of Page High School. Caleb Whitaker of Jordan High School was the match’s outstanding player.

The 2010 East-West All-Star Games will be the 62nd football and men’s basketball games, the 35th women’s basketball game, and the 19th men’s and women’s soccer games.


  1. Cant wait for the All-Star basketball games. But question, how are the athletes selected? I see a local athlete on the womens roster but she only played in a handful of games her senior year and didnt play at all her junior year. How did so many other athletes get over looked?

  2. Many of the ones that may have not been selected, or got overlooked, already have committments to their colleges and quite a few college coaches, don’t want their recruits playing in these games…

    Quite a few of the football players and even some of the basketball players from across the state are already enrolled at their future universities/colleges and they are attending summer school…..

    This process will eliminate a number of possible players and it leaves the coaches looking hard for more quality athletes….

  3. The Hall of Fame Quarterback Sonny Jergenson( Wilmington) played in the East-West game.What position did he play? Let’s see if anyone knows.

  4. That is a great question by 77 Hornet about the possibility of Greensboro ever hosting a high school baseball allstar game. You would think it would be a seamless transition into the existing East-West format.

    Grimsley has recently completed a huge renovation of Young-McCall Field and the complex looks tremendous.

    Go to the address below and use the baseball tab to check out the aerial field photos

    Come on Andy, get the ball rolling!! Just add it onto your growing list of things to do.

  5. There might be a way to incorporate a system like they have for the State Games where you have the East-West format for baseball….

    Grimsley or even NewBridge Bank Park if the Hoppers are out of town would serve as very solid venues….

    You would need a game with the high school seniors, so you would have to make sure you have access to all of the top talents and that the guys are not already enrolled in college and that they are not with a travel team on the road that week….

    This may require the Coaches Association to consider dropping the Men’s/Women’s soccer games for a while and give baseball a shot as the third sport….

    It may be too expensive to try and add a fourth sport, again they may have to look at dropping soccer….

    This is a good idea and it is something that we need to take to the Coaches Association with Phil Weaver and Mac Morris…….

    Which would bring in more money, baseball of soccer and which of the two would be the most cost effective to operate?????

    This is a very good idea……

  6. Answer to the question: What position did Sonny Jergenson play in the East-West All Star game?
    He played in the basketball game.

  7. Actually, there was at one time an east-west baseball game with the same type of selection process as the football and basketball games which i played in several decades ago. it was always played in the eastern part of the state and included players like wayne burgess from grimsley, jim hunter from perquimans hs, gary hill from charlotte, jimbo chamberlin from smith, etc.. it was a 2 out of 3 format that was discontinued at least 20 years ago. if memory serves me well, legion baseball helped to kill it because it always occurred during their playoffs.

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