Wrestling in the rain at Green Ford

Two of our Greensborosports.com voyagers, Robert and Bobby Stutts, made the trek over to Green Ford this past Saturday, to watch the wrestling in the rain….

The show did go on in the Green Ford parking lot on Wendover Avenue, even in the rain, and quite a few fans showed up to watch this event take place.

The ring was very slick, according to the Stutts, but that didn’t stop Ivan Koloff, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Buddy Landel, The Barbarian and many of the other old-timers from climbing up into the squared circle as they continue on in their path of semi- self destruction…More on the 68 year-old Ivan Koloff from wikipedia:

“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff (born Oreal Perras on August 25, 1942, Crysler, Ontario, Canada) is a former Canadian professional wrestler who once held the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship.

If this is what they want to do, or have to do, so be it….. Hey, if there’s still an audience for this type of activity, even in the pouring down rain, then more power to them all….

Most of these wrestlers are broken down and still barely hanging on, but if there are fans that will still show up to see them, the show must keep going in…..

Jimmy Valiant and Nikita Koloff were also there on Saturday afternoon, but they did not get involved in the wrestling side of the madness.

A good time was had by all, and in this day and age, that is all that seems to matter and better yet, the event was FREE, thanks to Green Ford…..On a marketing note, I asked one fan who attended, how many cars do you think they sold on that day, and what do you figure the price range of those vehicles to be? He said he doubted there were many sales and if they were, most were probably in the 600-700 dollar price range, based on the economic appearance of the crowd on that day…..