Q&A with Jimmy Moorman(High Point Central HS) LB for West All-Stars

This post is from our Q&A(Question and Answer) session, with High Point Central linebacker Jimmy Moorman this afternoon, at the North Carolina Coaches Association offices, over on Westover Terrace. Jimmy will be at middle linebacker for the West All-Stars, on Wednesday night and he also plans to be at LB for the College of Canyons out in Santa Clarita, California this fall. Jimmy says many people see him as a Sam Mills-type linebacker…..

1)Greensborosports.com:What has been the toughest/hardest part of the All-Star Week experience for you?

Jimmy Moorman:The heat and humidity…

2)Greensborosports.com:What was the most enjoyable part of the week/The most fun??

Jimmy Moorman:Hanging out with the guys and putting the pads on again….

3)Greensborosports.com:Any trips to the pool after practice and can you swim???

Jimmy Moorman:I have been taking Ice Baths in the bathtub….Not a swimmer, but will still wade around in the pool….

4)Greensborosports.com:How many friends and family members will be at the game to watch you on Wednesday night????

Jimmy Moorman:40-50 people…..

5)Greensborosports.com:What’s something new that you’ve learned about football this week?????

Jimmy Moorman:I have learned patience and that I have to fly around and get to the football….

6)Greensborosports.com:As a football player, what are your biggest strengths/weaknesses??????

Jimmy Moorman:Strength, my ability to make the big hit….Weakness, is picking up the pass coverage…..

7)Greensborosports.com:What is the most impressvie thing that you are hearing about the East, what makes the East a tough team to beat???????

Jimmy Moorman:Their quickness with the spread offense….

8)Greensborosports.com:What will you miss most about your high school days????????

Jimmy Moorman:I will miss Coach Jones and the rest of the coaching staff and my old defensive coach Ken Helms wrote me a letter and said he would there tomorrow night.

9)Greensborosports.com:What have you done this summer to prepare for college?????????

Jimmy Moorman:Training with Coach Jones at High Point Central and weightlifting every day of the week, except Sunday…Also working out with my old HPC teammates…

10)Greensborosports.com:Have you ever been on the Greensborosports.com web site??????????

Jimmy Moorman:Yes, as often as I can get there….