Question of the day: Is there a Palomino tournament on 7/21/2010?

Question from one our readers on the daily docket:

Is there a Palomino Baseball tournament on 7/21/2010????. If so, what is the times and the venue? If so, what is the times and the venue?

I know there is a Colt All-Star Tournament cranking up tomorrow at Stoner-White Stadium and I’m not sure about the Palomino……


  1. There is a Palomino Region Tournament in Virginia Beach this weekkend. Proehlific Power plays Thursday at 5:30 against a team from Suffolk and Lynnhaven plays Kempsville at 8:00. It is a double elimination tournament. Proehlific is a little banged up right now and are dealing with a lot of injuries. Hopefully they can adjust and have a good showing.

  2. I absolutely love it!!!! Just a little backup info in case they don’t win. Unbelievable!!!!!! Why can’t PP be like everyone else and admit that sometimes there is a better team, more talent, etc.?

  3. I agree Eddie. Its not bad enough that PP left the Greensboro Palomino league so they could recruit “legally”, which is what they did in the past anyway, but as usual they are always full 0f excuses and promises.

  4. well eddie and sam PP won their first game against suffolk 15=0 so i guess they didnt really have to use their hurt players so sorry eddie

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