Proehlific Power in Palomino Baseball Tournament at Virginia Beach, Virginia

There is a Palomino Region Tournament in Virginia Beach this weekend. The Proehlific Power plays Thursday at 5:30 against a team from Suffolk, Virginia and Lynnhaven, Virginia plays Kempsville, Virginia at 8:00.

It is a double elimination tournament.


  1. Does anyone know anything about the teams that PP is going to be playing in Virginia Beach?

  2. I’m curious as to how teams are selected to go. Did they have a local tournament, or best record gets you in?

  3. Lynnhaven is the team that went to the world series last year, they arent as strong as last year, kempsville and team from suffolk are pretty good. The team from suffolk is stacked and should make a strong run through the tournament. How does the PP team look

  4. No disrespect meant toward any of the teams, but it seems like these same teams are in this tournament every year…..

  5. Andy, you get the same team from NC because PP is the ONLY TEAM in our area that is Pony registered. Ever since PP went from being the Guilford Patriots, our area baseball is not the same – they are giving a free ride to the Region every year without having to play anyone, while the rest of our teams have to play amongst themselves. Did the PP Team even play any of the Palomino Teams here…..I don’t recall seeing them at Stoner White this year. Our area was great when we had a true Palomino League and not just run by one team – but I guess when you have the Pony Leaders in your pocket, that is what happens around here.

    I mean, I looked on the Pony Website – there were two ten team tournaments in PA to decide who moved on to the next round and in VA, they hosted a four team tournament which is where the two teams, plus the Lynnhaven Team came from. If Virginia Beach does not host a tournament, it’s probably a best of 5 series again between PP and the Lynnhaven Team to see who advances to Pittsburgh.

  6. In the end it is kind of like what Justin Smith told me a few years ago, “It is what it is and all you can do is load ’em up and play another day…..”

    They’re still playing, so I guess when it is all said and done, you have to say, more power to the Power…..

  7. PP won their first game in the Palomino Regional 15-0 over the team from Suffolk. PP came out guns a blazing and the bats were red hot. They will face Lynnhaven today at 3pm.

    Lynnhaven won their game13-5, but the Power look to be the team to beat.

  8. u guys are something.u play very good baseball .lynnhaven is getting better ball players because yall r so good.funny how we got some good players to play and the last two yrs we have beaten pp!2009 we had 1st thru 3rd tier players.catcher,cf allstate.they pitched good but we hit good and good defense.2010 we got great pitching,good d and they will hit.our coach runs the show and picks the players.he works hard at building relationships with each player.the league trusts him.ur coach is another!my son would not play for him.we 2-0 yall home later

  9. my son played on the 2009 team and was asked to play by the coach of lynnhaven.we think coach phillips builds trust with the players.he runs the show and picks the players.he knew he had to go and get top 1 2 or3 top player at that pos to beat the powerful PP.+2010 team had better pitchn,they will hit and play sound d.lynnhaven is as strong as ur coach is a hot mess!get someone else and u will already be better we 2-0 yall home later

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