Ryan Murray on Elaine Marshall investigation of sports agents

Ryan Murray from the Greensboro Sports Examiner takes a look at the NCAA probe of UNC’s football team and how it applies to the inner workings of sports agents in his tlak with NC Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall….

The North Carolina Secretary of State launched an investigation of sports agents in the state on Wednesday on the heels of the NCAA probe of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

The NCAA is currently investigating UNC in regards to possible violations involving improper contact with a sports agent. The NCAA interviewed Tar Heel football players last week including defensive tackle Marvin Austin and wide receiver Greg Little.

Although the NCAA has not concluded their investigation, nor have any improprieties been found, the North Carolina Secretary of State has launched their own inquiry based on recent media reports.

“Secretary of State Elaine Marshall made the decision to start an inquiry based on the numerous and detailed reports appearing in the media indicating that athlete agents may have played a role in events that might be illegal,” Director of Communications for the Office of the Secretary of State George Jeter said in an interview today. “It is important to note that this inquiry will only focus on athlete agents.”

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