Wife of former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher loses battle with cancer, dead at age 54

from the front page of www.charlotteobserver.com:

Kaye Cowher, the wife of former Steelers football coach Bill Cowher, died Friday in her native North Carolina after losing a battle with skin cancer. She was 54.

The Cowhers moved to Raleigh, N.C., in 2006, Mr. Cowher’s final season coaching the Steelers, and continued to make it their home.

The Cowhers met when they were classmates at North Carolina State University in 1976. Mr. Cowher was on the football team and Mrs. Cowher, the former Kaye Young, and her twin sister, Faye, played basketball.

Tall at 5-foot-11, Mrs. Cowher displayed an inside power game that made her one of the first young women in her home state to receive a college athletic scholarship.

Her teams at North Carolina State went 21-3 and 29-5, respectively, winning the inaugural Atlantic Coast Conference women’s basketball title in 1978 with a 9-0 record and ranking No. 3 nationally….

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  1. Sad to hear! Our thoughts and prayers will be with the Cowher family! May God see them through this tough time..

  2. I could not imagine such a lost of a sponse at such a young age and may GOD be with her soul. I do think it also could speak to a larger issue that many of us often face. Many of us freak out when we lose a job, major contract or life just deals us a raw deal. I am quite sure Cowher would have preferred to continue coaching for the Steelers before getting let ago. In the end, he accepted the release and stated that he wanted to take more time with his family and travel with his daughter which was playing a lot of showcase basketball at the time.

    Clearly it was a blessing for Cowher to have the extra time to be with his family over the past couple of years that would have not been possible coaching the Steelers and his family living in Raleigh. I once lost a big contract and completely back filled my time with the family (especially the activities and participation of events with my kids). We were still okay financially and I can say without a doubt it was one of the best things that could have ever happened to our family.

    Cowher took advantage of the “extra” time that was given to him and his wife/family. I hope others will consider the same when given such unexpected blessings wrapped initially in what appears to be an ending but is actually a new and rich beginning.

  3. It is indeed sad news for Steeler nation. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Cowher family. Most of us did not even know that Kaye was even ill. Perhaps that was one of the reasons Bill never took another head coaching job. Regardless, Mrs. Cowher’s sprakling presence and jubilant enthusiasm at Steelers games will be a fond memory Steeler Nation will always remember.

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