UNC players say Tar Heels moving forward

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

GREENSBORO, N.C. — T.J. Yates would love to talk more about all the good things going on at North Carolina: the stout defense, the higher-than-usual expectations, a nationally televised opener against LSU.

Instead, the quarterback is answering questions about an NCAA investigation into whether two teammates received improper benefits from an agent.

“As of right now … we’re going into the season as (though) we’re going to be full strength,” Yates said Sunday. “We can’t be thinking any other thing because we just don’t want it to affect us. If you put too much focus on the other stuff going on, in and around (you), I think that’ll distract us from what our goals are as a team and distract us going into training camp.”

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  1. UNC does need to be just like Southern California.
    30 less scholarships for 3 years and no postseason bowl games for 2.
    Just like USC works well for me!

  2. I just love how college cheaters……errrr……coaches are bashing agents now and ranting how college football and the NFL needs reform.

    Agents are slime…….players who take their cash are cheaters…..no difference.

    Given Carolina is involved now, I suspect “we’ll all see how the system has failed and now we’ll makes changes to fix those system problems”.

    Yeah, right…….forget they cheated, forget they failed in oversight, forget they played ineligible players……….it’s a system problem.

  3. It won’t be long before Coach John Blake is GONE!
    So much for the pristine myth of “the Carolina way”.

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