Pitino says woman unzipped his pants

Looks like Louisville Cardinals coach Rick Pitino got caught with his pants down again and this one has become an serious issue…..

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A woman accused of demanding millions to stay quiet about a tryst with Rick Pitino initiated the sex by whispering to him and unzipping his pants when he got up to leave an empty Italian restaurant, he testified Wednesday.

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  1. Andy, Shame on you for putting this sort of SMUT on Greensboro SPORTS! Really, do you feel that this is the sort of GREENSBORO SPORTS news that your readers really want to read about? In my humble opinion, this only makes you look like a donkey for covering such hear say story. Perhaps, this is the type of journalism that keeps people looking at your website and you feel compelled to publish this sort of filth. Sighs, I am not one who will bother with site any longer.

  2. Sometimes when nothing is going on around here, we have to go outside the area to find stories. Sorry this did not meet your approval.

    Our headlines will often be over the top, because this is what gets people’s attention….

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