Players that played their entire career for the same team

Cal Ripken Jr. did it, Tony Gwynn did it, Johnny Bench did it, Pete Rose didn’t do it, Jerome Bettis didn’t do it, Shaq O’Neal hasn’t done it….And on the list goes….

It makes for an interesting list and I heard a radio show the other day going over many of the names on the list of players that played their entire career for the same team….

Ripken for the Orioles, Gwynn for the Padres, Bench for the Reds, Rose for the Reds, for the Phillies and the Expos…..Bettis for the LA Rams and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Shaq for Orlando, LA, Miami, Phoenix, Boston etc….

Others with the same team their entire career would include:
Larry Bird-Boston Celtics
Magic Johnson-Lakers
Michael Jordan-Bulls
Derek Jeter-Yankees
Mariano Rivera-Yankees
Jorge Posoda-Yankees
Troy Aikman-Cowboys
Moose Johnston-Cowboys
Darrell Green-Redskins
Phil Simms-Giants
Walter Payton-Bears

Among others that didn’t stay with the same team their entire career:
Tony Perez-Reds, Expos, Orioles
Joe Morgan-Reds, Astros
Roger Clemens-Red Sox, Yankees, Astros
Steve Garvey-Dodgers, Padres
Ron Cey-Dodgers, Cubs
Bill Buckner-Dodgers, Red Sox
Fred Lynn-Red Sox, Angels
Carlton Fisk-Red Sox, White Sox
Reggie Jackson-A’s, Orioles, Yankees, Angels
Johnny Unitas-Colts, Chargers
Joe Namath-Jets, Rams
Emmitt Smith-Cowboys, Cardinals
Duane Thomas-Cowboys, Redskins
Calvin Hill-Cowboys, Redskins
LeBron James-Cavaliers, Heat
Chris Bosh-Raptors, Heat
Kareem Abdul Jabbar-Bucks, Lakers
Kevin Garnett-Timbewolves, Celtics
Jamie Moyer-Mariners, Phillies, Cubs, Rangers, Astros, White Sox, Rays, Red Sox, Dodgers, Giants, etc…..
Willie Mays-Giants, Mets

******Name some more, this is an interesting topic……*****


  1. Was Jordan some kind of player coach or player owner in Washington???? Like a player/part owner?

    Jordan also played for the Birmingham Barons, but that was minor league baseball…..

  2. We need to add Farve to the list with stops in Atlanta, Green Bay, New York Jets and Minnesota….

    Didn’t Steve Young go Tampa Bay and then San Fransisco and Montana was San Fran and Kansas City……

    There are a load of these, let’s hear some more like Kevin Greene with LA Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers and then the Carolina Panthers as a LB……

  3. Let’s add the greatest pure quarterback of all time to that list, John Elway… 🙂

  4. John Elway of the Denver Broncos
    Chipper Jones of Atlanta Braves
    John Stockton of Utah Jazz

  5. Mike Schmidt Philadelphia Phillies
    George Brett Kansas City Royals
    Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs
    Lynn Swann John Stallworth Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers
    Bobby Jones Philadelphia 76er’s and Denver Nuggets with American Basketball League
    Hakeem Olajawon-Houston Rockets
    Tim Duncan San Antonio
    Sting NWA

  6. Here’s a few more to keep the fires burning…

    Jim Kelly-Buffalo Bills
    Leroy Kelly-Cleveland Browns
    Jim Brown-Cleveland Browns
    Larry Brown-All of the above and then some………NBA with Charlotte, New Jersey, San Antonio, Philadelphia, LA Clippers, Denver Nuggets in the NBA and ABA….Did we miss one, was he with the Knicks too?????

  7. Here’s a couple (I think)…..
    Don Mattingly (Yanks as player)
    Kirby Puckett (Twins)
    Dirk Nowitzski (spelling..Dallas so far!!)
    Hank Aaron (Braves..although Milwaukee then Atlanta..I think)

    I think Larry Brown was with the Knicks:) & you didn’t list any of his college jobs!!!

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