Yow to sports agents, “mess with our players and we’ll sue you”…….

from Ken Tysiac at the Charlotte Observer.com:

Wolfpack athletics director says school will sue if harmed.

RALEIGH New N.C. State athletics director Debbie Yow plans to send a warning to sports agents.

In writing, Yow intends to explain to agents that if they break any laws while recruiting N.C. State athletes, the university will take legal action against them.

A wide-ranging NCAA investigation into possible impermissible contact between college football players and sports agents has generated headlines for weeks. NCAA investigators spent July 12 and 13 interviewing athletes at North Carolina and also have met with players at South Carolina, Alabama and Clemson.

Wednesday, investigators returned to North Carolina. Yow said NCAA investigators have not inquired about N.C. State athletes, but she wants to put sports agents on notice anyway.

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  1. Good deal Debbie. Go get the slime balls.

    Maybe she can also get the ball rolling on legal actions against coaches who knowingly break NCAA rules then bolt for another school or coaching job while leaving behind an innocent school in shambles…..ie USC.

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