“The worst call I’ve seen in my 30 years of professional baseball”

http://gruphoms.com/property/pis-2-habitacions-centric-girona-c-joan-baptista-salle-6t-1a-venut/dsc_5350/ That’s the word from former Greensboro Grasshoppers manager Edwin Rodriguez, as the Florida Marlins “Cry Foul” and dispute the clarity of umpire Bob Davidson’s vision…..

Placetas from www.yahoo.com:

Oh, my, the Florida Marlins are not too happy with umpire Bob Davidson right now.

The Fish seemed certain they had beaten the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday night after Gaby Sanchez(notes) hit a bouncer down the third-base line that would have scored the tie-breaking run — if Davidson had called it fair.

He did not. The Marlins dugout went berserk, and manager Edwin Rodriguez argued to no avail, later calling it “the worst call I’ve ever seen in my 30 years of professional baseball.”

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