Lynnhaven, Virginia wins Palomino World Series: Eastern US Baseball Steps Up

from Justin Smith, head coach Proehlific Power Baseball:


And to all, my name is Justin Smith and I want to share some interesting news, that might be interesting to several readers.

A week ago, the East region was blasted and Palomino baseball was bashed. Baseball here is in the East is real powerful.

I first of all want to share, Lynnhaven just last night, won the Palomino World Series. The first time the East has won such in years. In the past 6 years we(Proehlific Power) have finished 3rd, 7th, and 4th and Lynnhaven has been 6th, 3rd, and now has won the thing.

To all that say this baseball is weak, results do not lie. As a coach it is one the hardest things to accomplish in baseball. Ask Alan, he did it back with APWU.

So to say, at least we have had some good battles with Lynnhaven and as a friend and coach I would like to congratulate those kids and coaches on a big accomplishment.

Us and Lynnhaven have had fierce battles, but at end of day I respect those guys because they do a fine job with their program. Just thought it was interesting, 2 weeks ago we never had a shot at winning.

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  1. Lynnhaven won, so I am not quite sure why Justin Smith is taking any bows. Hopefully everyone from Lynnhaven will be reading a sports blog in Greensboro, so they can reap the kudos (maybe their coach does read it, since he’s went to NEG). I am not really sure that the win says anything at all about palomino baseball in GSO or in the east. On the other hand, it says that Lynnhaven was hot, played well, and obviously ave a very good baseball team ( even though their mean old coach made their pitcher throw 311 pitches in 120 degree weather against the wishes of his college coach–LOL).
    Congratulations to Lynnhaven!!!!

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