Week Two of the HS football training camps at High Point Central and Southern Guilford

We have made many a stop over the past two weeks and last night it was over to High Point Central and this morning down to Southern Guilford….

High Point Central had picture day on Wednesday afternoon and practice did not get going until around 6:30pm….The setting at HPC is almost gothic, with the old cathederal-style buildings of High Point Central High School and Ferndale Middle School in the background….

The practice field is set up right in the middle between Central and Ferndale and as soon as you arrive on campus, you find out that you call this place Central, or you are consider an outsider…..

Central had their Varsity and JV’s broken down into two seperate practices and head Coach Wayne Jones has a very good handle on what’s happening with his Bison…..Coach Grant was helping to lead the Bison JV workouts and he has a background as a linebacker, with major playing time, at Michigan for the Wolverines…

Coach Jones has a background in track, that makes his football teams get very fast, as the new season approaches…..

Central will be led this year by their Top Five which include:

1) Quarteback-Drew Adams-Senior
2) Wide Receiver-Derek Grant-Senior
3) Runningback-LaSharn Monk-Junior
4) Defensive End-Jay White-Senior
5) Linebacker-Merrit Blanks-Senior…..

You’ll also see kids like Justin Johnson, a wide receiver, making major contributions to the offense, along with wide receiver/runningback Cold Man Coleman, a kid that has quickly burst on the scene at Central…On the offensive line Central has a kid named “Big Vince” and that’s the only name we could get on him and he will be a tough body up front, as he opens holes for Monk, Adams, Grant and Cold Man…

Central looked to have about 80-85 players on the field, in practice on Wednesday night….The word at Central is keep your equipment on and after practice keep it locked up, or it may end up out on Highway 85, headed South…..

The offense was fine tuning their efforts on Wednesday evening and Adams looks a little bigger than he did last year, he may be up to 180 pounds and his passes seemed to be arriving on the money, through traffic on Wednesday….A lot of work on the offense and Monk was lining up wide on several occasions and when he is in the backfield, he will be one of the top RB’s in the Triad….Monk can move and Grant is so quick, I looked up once, spotted him and then looked again, and he had the ball in the parking lot and was running fast toward Ferndale….The Grant kid is very quick….

The line was doing some plowing on the sled and from the overall look of things, this is a much bigger line than what we saw from Central last year….This is the type of line that line coach Ken Helms was building at Central, before he took of for Raleigh….

The early word on Central is that the offense can be outstanding and the defense will have to come around and if it does, then Central will challenge Ragsdale for the Conference Title….

The word at Southern Guilford was Band Practice….I did not see the football team, as I made the move down to Drake Road, but the band was marching in the parking lot, up near the football practice field….

The CK Siler Football Field at the Siler Stadium was lined off and it may be, that the Southern Storm will have a scrimmage on that field, later on this afternoon….

Coach Darryl Brown, the grandson of Coach Siler, will make sure his Storm is on the map as the 2010 season draws near, in fact the football season is also known as the “Storm Season” as you drive down the new and improved Drake Road….

Many Storm fans study their football maps, just as much as they study their weather maps and road maps…..

Watch for late afternoon thunderstorms and a possible Southern Guilford Storm scrimmage, on Thursday…..