Another professional wrestler gone way too soon, Lance Cade dead at age 29

Former WWE wrestling talent Lance Cade died over the weekend, way too young, at age 29….The cause of death has been listed as heart failure.

Cade teamed with Trevor Murdock(Trevor Rhodes), to form the tag-team of Cade and Murdock and they held championship belts in the WWE.

Cade trained under Shawn Michaels down in Texas, back when Michaels was away from the WWE and he had his wrestling school set up….One of Michaels comments after learning of Cade’s death was, “we’ve lost another one of my boys”….(Brian Kendrick(still living) also trained at Michaels’ wrestling facility.)

Cade was forced off of a WWE airplane flight back when he was still employed by the company and the problem was his unusual behavior and that strange behavior was attributed to a substance or chemical use, causing an improper physical imbalence…..Chemical or substance misuse and abuse, had been a label that Cade had been wearing around his neck, for several years….The fact that the casue of death has been listed as heart failure, would further fuel that speculation…

A sad ending, for a fine young man, who appeared to have lot going for him, but he ended up going, in the wrong direction.

Cade and Murdock played their cowboy redneck characters to near-perfection, but the act got out of hand, as the curtain comes to a close on the young life of one, Lance Cade…..

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WWE has acknowledged the death of Lance Cade (a/k/a Lance McNaught) on their corporate website. The story notes that McNaught’s father told WWE that his son died of apparent heart failure. You can read the story at

Jason Powell’s POV: The story also notes that Cade was rehired by WWE for a developmental run in September 2009, but was released in April 2010. Thanks to Dot Net reader Juan Mariscal for passing along the story.