Report on Smith Golden Eagles from Super Six

from one of our Football Fans from Saturday at the Smith Super Six Football Scrimmages….

Ben L. Smith had a very, very good showing. They looked like they were the most complete team on the field. Offensively they struggled because they were very basic or “Vanilla” with the play calling. That would be expected with thier weak one opponent High Point Andrews on the same field. The offensive line is BIG with very speedy backs. The defense recorded a shut out over a very talented Mount Tabor team and held big East Forsyth to 7 points. This Golden Eagle team will be able to compete each week with anyone they play.


  1. Smith is the real deal this year! This team will shock everyone when they win the Metro!

  2. Mt tabor scored on Smith and was in control of the scrimmage until they subbed their second string defense in. East moved the ball at will! I hate to say it but alot of people have been jumpin on the Smith bandwagon early this preseason. This might be the biggest “dissapointment” in high school football. I expect Smith to win 5 or 6 games. But not nearly as many as people has been predicting. Time will tell though. One or two standouts cant account for the play of 9 others.. they arent nearly DEEP enough to even be considered to contend for the metro.. they maybe have 30 players total, and after the first string, they dont have a chance.

  3. what scrimmage were you watching? Smith might go 5-5 or worse. Winning the metro for smith is like oj simpson coming back to play in the nfl. Not happening. Stop dreaming and wake up.

  4. – Charlotte Christian and East Forsyth: Both Os looked good too many tds to keep up with. DRAW.
    -Leesville road and HP Central: I don’t know the score but they look about even. Alot of hard hitting. DRAW
    – Smith 2td -Mt.Tabor -0. Both D’s were strong. Smith needs to work on their running game. Smith was small in # but played hard.
    – HP Andrews-alot East CH 2fg. Andrews look strong.
    -Leesville beat East CH
    -HP Andrew beat CC
    -Mt Tabor beat HP Central
    -Smith draw East Forsyth
    Smith and HP Andrew game fri. will be some special. Both teams should have a good year. Andrew rbs are big and fast and Qb can be great if he avoid mistakes. Smith will come out pumped up. Small #s may hurt them this game and year. I like their Qb. and Def. superstar TE need to get mad and nasty, if not it could hurt them.

  5. DD,

    Which East Forsyth and Smith game were you looking at? Cause the game I was watching, Smith couldn’t handle East Forsyth. EF looked to move at will. Smith’s defense will be their key to them staying in games though. The Smith defense is fast and they have some good players on that defense. Smith did come up with an interception to put their offense in good field position, but without that play I don’t believe that scrimmage would have been as close as it was. Smith’s offense couldn’t move the ball and they even gave up a safety.

    Stop the big plays and #85 on offense and then score two or three touchdowns, and I will say you walk away with a “W”.

    East Forsyth looks like they may be the real deal. They have big kids all over the line. Heck, their 2nd string lineman look like they could start for most other schools. EF will be the team to beat this year.

  6. There was some talk about the top quarterbacks in our area and I was thinking about this one it may just go something like this:

    1)James Summers(Page)
    2)Matt Heavner(Ragsdale)
    3)Drew Adams(High Point Central)
    4)Rocco Scarfone(Northern Guilford)
    5)Matt Pawlowski(NWG)
    6)Josh Thompson(Western Guilford)

    *****It might be something like that and we can move them around a little bit as we go week to week…..We will have to wait and see how Airyn Willis as a QB….*****

    Above 1-6 based on #’s, experience, the W’s vs. the L’s and etc……

  7. A few notes on the QB’s…

    1)Summers, no #’s
    2)Heavner-In 2009 he had 1948 yards with 22 TD passes and he ran for 7 TD’s…
    3)Drew Adams, no #’s
    4)Rocco Scarfone, no #’s
    5)Pawlowski-In 2009 he hit for 1200 yards passing and threw 10 TD tosses…
    6)Thompson-In 2009 he threw for 2500 yards and hit for 14 TD passes…..

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