How the conferences(Piedmont Triad) are shaping up

Here’s a look at the Piedmont Triad from and we will look at more conferences on Wednesday….

Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference:
1. Ragsdale
2. East Forsyth
3. High Point Central
4. Northwest Guilford
5. Glenn
6. Southwest Guilford
7. WS Parkland

Here is how I would see this conference shaping up….
Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference:
1. Ragsdale
2. High Point Central
3. Northwest Guilford
4. East Forsyth
5. Glenn
6. Southwest Guilford
7. WS Parkland has Airyn Willis as the Player of the Year, but I will take D’onavan Smith(Ragsdale) as my #1 and Luke Heavner(Ragsdale) as my #2 player……Grant, Adams, Monk, White, Blanks will all be big at Central and NWG will have Pawlowski, Pauleys, Dillon, Sugg, Ealey, Baxter, Kristy and many others leading the way…..If push comes to shove and Central can not get their act together on defense and if the kicking game is not ready, Northwest can beat Central, but I don’t see NWG topping Ragsdale quite yet….Next year NWG may have a chance to move to the top spot in this conference……..


  1. This Luke versus Matt is becoming hard to compute, but it is a true tribute to Matt, whose name will just not die….

    Thanks Henry,,,,

  2. I agree Andy, I saw Pawlowski play at the jamboree and the kid is dead on with passing and looks very relaxed out there. He has some speed at receiver and with the running game, and defense, they should be a contender. Good they play both Western and Ragsdale, might have an old fashion shoot-out.

  3. I think any one of the five teams atop of the Piedmont could win it. I think the one team everyone better watch out for is East Forsyth.

  4. Airyn Willis is a Very Good athlete who we hope has a great career at Georgia Tech, but conference player of the year…?? I don’t see it If the line can protect him he has a chance, but, Heavner, Smith, Pawlowski and Adams all are solid playmakers that have proven they can take over a game. And Grant is a sleeper, possibly the best hands in the county. If he can take a few to the house he could be the MVP. And that is just out of the players listed. Wide open for MVP.

  5. Don’t forget Josh Hawkins for MVP. The kid rushed for almost 2000 yards last season. I think he’s gotta be the Preseason Favorite for Piedmont Triad 4A MVP.

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