How the HS conferences(Metro 4-A) and players are shaping up

We’ll start looking at the high school conferences and players today and we want to know how you would rank them too….

On some of the County QB’s….

There was some talk about the top quarterbacks in our area and I was thinking about this one it may just go something like this:

1)James Summers(Page)
2)Luke Heavner(Ragsdale)
3)Drew Adams(High Point Central)
4)Rocco Scarfone(Northern Guilford)
5)Matt Pawlowski(NWG)
6)Josh Thompson(Western Guilford)

*****It might be something like that and we can move them around a little bit as we go week to week…..We will have to wait and see how Airyn Willis does as a QB….We will also have to wait until the jury comes back on Jeff Sims and Kalen Pratt at Smith HS….*****

Above 1-6 based on #’s, experience, the W’s vs. the L’s and etc……

A few notes on the QB’s…

1)Summers, no #’s
2)Heavner-In 2009 he had 1948 yards with 22 TD passes and he ran for 7 TD’s…
3)Drew Adams, no #’s
4)Rocco Scarfone, no #’s
5)Pawlowski-In 2009 he hit for 1200 yards passing and threw 10 TD tosses…
6)Thompson-In 2009 he threw for 2500 yards and hit for 14 TD passes…..

On some of the conferences……

From the Yearbook which I purchased today, so I now have the rights to use some of their materials….

Metro 4-A:
1. Dudley
2. Page
3. Smith
4. Western Guilford
5. Southern Alamance
6. Southeast Guilford
7. Grimsley

I would go this route….
Metro 4-A:
1. Page
2. Dudley
3. Western Guilford
4. Smith
5. Southeast Guilford
6. Grimsley
7. Southern Alamance

What do you think and the NCPreps has Thompson as the Player of the Year and that is not a bad choice based on his last year’s numbers, but I see it as a close race with James Summers and Drew Rogers battling it out for Player of the Year in the Metro…..

Western Guilford’s Brock Stadnik 6’5/285(OL) is pre-season All-State at and he is the only Junior on the first team offense or defense and even the Special Teams….Maurice Harris from Northern Guilford made the First Team as a wide receiver….

Jeremy Reynolds(DB/WR) at Dudley will be in line for post-season honors, as will DJ Reader, the big OL/DL bulldozer from Grimsley….Eric Ebron(TE/DE) at Smith, is ranked in the Top Ten top talents in the state of North Carolina, and that ranks him up there with Stephone Anthony, Vad Lee, Eric MacLain, Danny Webster Jr., Christian LeMay, Nigel King, Drew Owens, AJ Thorpe, Romar Morris and others…Ebron is a big-time talent on the rise…..

You can also add Demarcus Bell(DL) from Dudley to the list of names that make up the top players in the state……


  1. i know he only played 1 half of football the entire 2009 season due to stomach problems but Demetrius Dick (QB from Dudley) could be the suprise player in the metro if he can stay healthy!!! the young man can throw the ball…. thats all im saying.. he has the ability to open some eyes this year… if there was an award for it.. he could definately win the comeback player of the year..

  2. Here’s Luking at you Henry…


    And we were real high on Double D here last year, maybe this will be his breakout season……..

  3. It will be interesting to see what #s Scarfone puts up this year. NG is predicted to have
    a below average team this year with no Keenan Allen. other than Harris they have no real standouts and or really hurting on Defense.

  4. Time will Tell……plenty of athletes on the NG team……NG traveled to Rock Hill and played Southpointe HS, SC last week…..only two quarters were played but NG was up 12-0 early. Southpointe came back and the final was 21-12…..good team in SP with the #1 player in the country…NG will be fine……I don’t care for numbers as “W”‘s are really all that matter…….I’m curious where your source was that stated this will be a below average team this year????

  5. What you laugh about now . . . . .will sho’ nuff make you cry later on believe it or not . .watch out ! ! !

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