Want more HS Football News? Check out this offer from NCPreps.com

I have been using several notes and numbers from my new NCPreps Football News Yearbook, from NCPreps.com and if you want more of the same thing that you have been seeing here at the site, then check out the Publication/Web Site and then order the yearbook from the following information……

Order your 2010 North Carolina Prep Football News Yearbook

The 19th Edition of the NCPFN Yearbook is available for purchase. This year’s book will be the best source of high school football information in North Carolina.

The book includes:
Team previews, conference predictions, pre-season all-state teams, pre-season polls, college prospect list, coaching changes list, over 100 pictures of the top players in NC, state-wide schedule, 2009 stat leaders, and last over 3,000 high school football players listed.

The cost of the book is $12 this year, but the quality and content will be so much better this year.

How to order/buy:

1. Customers can order by mail.

2. Customers can buy from certain businesses at several locations throughout the state. (Those locations will be poster later,)

3. Customers can buy using PayPal!! (see below)

To order by mail:

1 book – $12 plus $5 shipping – $17.00
2 books – $24 plus $5 shipping – $29.00
3 books – $36 plus $5 shipping – $41.00

To pre-order, please send a check or money order to the following address:

Deana King
P.O. Box 613
Hamptonville, NC 27020

To learn more go to CLICK HERE you will be directed to the NCPreps.com site…