Page Gillespie Post Game Interview

We’ll have more soon.


  1. Great game tonight. A good start for Page and looking forward to a great season.

  2. Some first game thoughts: As usual, Page has a powerful running game. #28 looked very explosive; he hit the holes very well. Phan is as fast as ever and is a threat to break a long one everytime he touches the ball. I’d like to see him get the ball out in the open a little more. Screens, swing passes, quick outs, etc. Very strong pass rush on defense, lots of quick guys coming off the edge. I think they’re pretty strong at the line of scrimmage, too.
    Things to work on: Page was flagged for nine penalties, including at least four pass interference calls. That’s pretty high even for the opening night. Page can sustain that many against a weaker team like Parkland. Against Ragsdale, Dudley or even Grimsley (well, maybe not Grimsley) those penalties will be killers. The difference between wining and losing, possibly.
    Summers, the QB, was 4-11 passing but his numbers would have been much better had his receivers not dropped so many easy catches. One WR dropped a sure TD pass and there were at least 3 other wide open receivers who had a case of butterfingers. Again, it’s the first game and usually the most improvement occurs between the first and second games.
    Overall, very strong effort. Congrats to Coach Gillespie and his staff and the Page Pirates for a big opening season win. With Dudley in the conference, this season is really going to be a lot of fun.

  3. wow i love those page pirates, they really impressed me lastnight.yes the wide recievers did have butter finges but thats what is expected the 1st game. the pirates have the best running game in the state to me with junior drew rogers, and senior thuc phan. but i must say that number 30 is pretty good as well. i would like to see what he is made of.

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