8-1 on our picks and that’s not a bad start

We hit on:
Page over WS Parkland
Ragsdale over SG
Dudley WS Carver
NWG over EG
HP Central over WS Reynolds
SWG over SEG
Durham Hillside over Grimsley
Smith over High Point Andrews

Lost out on Northern Guilford over Western Guilford….Great job by the NG Nighthawks backup QB Daniel Downing as he stepped in and stepped up for starting quarterback Rocco Scarfone….

We heard that Dudley QB Demetrious Dick was injured in the Carver game and that one of the Panther RB’s went down with injury….

Ragsdale was tight with SG, but no question about SWG over SEG or NWG over EG…..Page had very solid balance with the running and passing games…..Summers, Rogers, Phan, Hatfield and Caldwell all looked steady on offense as did backup QB Putnam and backup RB Devonte Hooker….Bethea and Workinger were particular strong for Page on defense….

How about some other thoughts on the late night run at Greensborosports.com…..Who had the top performance in the area tonight????? Your big surprise? Who do you think got it done with business as usual???? That Smith win tonight over HP Andrews coming off last year’s season of improvement, makes the Golden Eagles look like they are the “Real Deal” in 2010…..

Big win for HP Central in overtime over WS Reynolds tonight with the Bison coming out on top, 27-24….OT for HPC and that is pretty big for Mr. Adams and Mr. Grant and I heard Grant had to score a real big TD to allow HPC to walk away a winner and that big “D” lineman Jonathan “J” White took a fumbler or a pass interception back all the way for a score of Central….

Who scored all of those NWG TD’s and how did Willis do for SWG????? Can you send us some info so we can get some closure tonight?????

Big games next week on the horizon?
Ragsdale at Dudley
NWG at Western
Davie County at Page


  1. Aww c’mon! Did you NOT see #45 at the beginning of the game? Two sacks, several assisted tackles and countless one on one tackles! If you’d like to see the tape, just let me know.

    OK…OK…I know he’s new to that level of playing and you might’ve been getting one of those delicious fish sandwiches on one and probably on the phone with the other so, I’ll excuse you…THIS TIME! Lol!!!!

    Seriously–Page played an outstanding game tonight and I was proud of ALL the players.

    HS football is BAAAACCCCKKKK and I’m loving it!

  2. For NW: Dalton Dillon, Austin Pauley, Reid Baxter, Kamen Powell. Matt Pawloski had 2 TD passes, dont remember to who, and also had one long TD pass called back on a penalty.

  3. From what we have been able to derive, the Dudley injuries to the QB Demetrius Dick and to RB Mycah Gaylord, were just cramps and that is all that was wrong with those guys and they should be OK for the next game with Ragsdale….

    Anyone got any news on who scored all those NWG TD’s and what type of overall game did Willis from SWG have?????

    How many of you will be checking in with us here at the site, this coming Thursday evening on JV Football night??????

    Underdog’s Unite is RIGHT, Football is Back!

  4. I was on the phone with my stepdad early this morning trying to get some information on the SEG @ SWG game. There weren’t too many positive things being sad about the SEG offense or defense. You can say what you want about SEG’s offense, but they usually play good defense.

    My Aunt was in town from Texas to watch my little brother play for SEG. She noted that he had the dirties uniform on the field. Unfortunately, he plays CB, so that’s not really a good thing. He had at least 3 touchdown saving tackles running kids down from the back side.

    It’s early, but, if SEG can’t give a better defensive effort, it’s going to be a long year.

  5. I know the Offense gets all the headlines, but how about that NWG Defense.Way to start the season guys with the shut out. NW “D” dominated EG all night.

  6. BTW, we are going to have to adjust our pool with Northern moving up along with NWG, Smith and Southern Guilford will need to come up a bit too after the battle they gave Ragsdale last night…..

    Scarfone not being in there for Northern was big, but again, Daniel Downing stepped up big time in relief and did the job in Rocco’s absence….

    James Summers may be your top QB among all of those we have been talking about after Week One, but we are still waiting for more test results to come back to our offices……I want to see more of what Willis, Pawlowski, Heavner and others did….Adams from HPC went to WS Reynolds and along with D Grant and J White, Drew helped the Bison get a big win over the Demons….I heard that Alabama scouts or people down in Alabama had been talking to Drew….I know for a fact the he has contacts down in Alabama…..

  7. The Southern Guilford QB Jamie Cunningham was 17-32 vs. Ragsdale, with 2TD’s and he mighit be another new Guilford County quarterback on the move onto the charts and on the rise on the local scene….

  8. Continuting our tracking we found that in the SWG 29-0 win over SEG, SWG had 0 yards passing and SEG had the same exact number, with 0 yards passing…..

  9. A final note for now……

    The News and Record numbers had the Smith Golden Eagles with 655 yards of total offense in the win over HP Andrews…..


    Can we take those numbers to the bank?????

  10. gotta give a HUGE SHOUTOUT TO THE PANTHER DEFENSE!!! the defense of the dudley panthers played excellent football all night against a very good and talented carver team. the defense held them to a shutout and the only points for carver came on a high snap that went over the punters head and then kicked out the back of the endzone. last night was a tough and hard nose game as it usually is every year. also have to give huge shoutouts to the young pups that stepped up when the all of the starters went down last night. they stepped up and played big time to hold of the yellowjackets and keep the lead.. the panther pups stepped up big time and thats what the panthers will need as the continue to battle through this injury bug.

  11. Where is all the negative comments about ORMA today????? They smashed a good West Brunswick team that went 8-4 last season and predicted to be better this season. It was 35 to 0 at the half. Coach O called the dogs off in the 2nd half and the back ups played the whole 4th quarter.

    RB JR Peterson was a monster with 3 TD’s. He ran hard, even drgging defneders in the endzone (for about 6 yards) on one of his TD’s. Jermaine Clark and Tonsy Rustin rand the ball well to run through a good West Brunswick defense. Mr. everything Kenzel Doe was everywhere including several amazing rushes, punt returns, kick retuns, ect…..

    The defense was CRUSHING….!!!! WB had no answers on offense. The defensive line kept constant pressure on the talented QB of WB and kept him on the run. But the LB’s kept him on his back. Lead by Standout OLB Christian McCain who sacked the QB 3 times from a blitz play. Bradly Taylor OLB ran down several tackles on the edge for no gain. MLB DJ Johnson held down the middle with several tackles on the interior including a key stop on a forth down attempt by WB.

    Our prayers go out to Big Will Fox and his family who was injured last night. Speedy recovery for you BIG MAN…..!!!!

    Let’s see what is next on the agenda for the CADETS…….HU RAH……!!!!

  12. Northern Nighthawks are just as good or better than last year. They have so many weapons from Kellah, to Haris, to Downing, to Logan, To Scarfone. It is going to be hard to stop them all. The defense is small, but swarming. Look for big things from the nighthawks. Northeast is next to de dismantled.

  13. Southwest only threw the ball 1 time…1!!! Willis ended up throwing the ball away. Actually talked to the stat guy for them and the news and record is wrong as usual. Southwest ran for over 350 yards. Willis I know ran for at least 150 and a touchdown. As most football guys know, if you can run for 400 yards, there is no reason to throw the football.

  14. Does anybody agree with me that EG will not win 8 games. They had 25 rushes for 45 yards and about 48 yards passing. Im sorry but if they wont to win 8 games. They QB looked scared for them. There defense playing patty cake. Wildcats better step it up or that georgia tech commit is going to run all over them with easy

  15. HEY BEEN Three Done That

    Maybe noone is talking about Oak Ridge because noone cares. I say let Oak ridge do Oak Ridge. And My Prayers are with Will Foxx he’s a good kid. I wish him a speedy recovery also.

  16. I know Scarefone was out for NG but where was Harris? I have not read or heard anything
    about him in last nights game. Did he even play? It seemed strange reading the News and record and Him not be mentioned.

    Oh and by the way I’m with you justafan let Oak ridge do Oak ridge.
    they should be everybody they play by 40pts. A team that has 5th yr Sr. should do.

  17. Maybe no one is talking about Oak ridge because 75% of their players should be in their 1st year of college but were not able to attend college.

  18. @Been there, done that: I can’t believe you would invite the negativity. smh! To all others, there is a really bed perception of ORMA’s football team. They aren’t doing anything that other private schools do…giving kids a chance to grow physically, mentally, or academically. What most of you don’t realize is that 85% of these kids are TRUE freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Much respect should be given to West Brunswick because regardless of the score, they accepted the challenge of playing ORMA (when others wouldn’t for various reasons) and they fought until the end.
    Now, if you check the roster and check the stats from the game, you’ll see that several others had influences in this win, and no, those influences should not be in college yet.

  19. I am sure ORMA is very talented, but if you even have one post grade player, you are not a high school team, but they are playing high school teams, and that is fine but probably not going to get a lot of props for it. They are playing Victory Christian, Carlisle School, the Hargrave regular Varsity Team, and none of these three teams would come within 40 points of even beating West Brunswick. If they have some strong opponents on the schedule, that would be great for the kids at ORMA as I am sure those kids would like to play some tough competition. Wish we could see the ORMA full schedule somewhere.

  20. Once again I say “LET OAK RIDGE DO OAK RIDGE” If these young men have a chance to play football and get a chance to get a free education I for one say good luck. I had to work my way through college so I know what a struggle it is. I dont see why we need to get on here and talk them up or talk down about the players, just let them play. I say good luck to Oak Ridge and every team in Guilford county on the coming season.

  21. I ask the question earlier and no one responded. Where is Marris Harris? I can’t believe
    he was not in the mix for NG. Word on the street is He is considering going to ORMA.

  22. 2010-2011: what’s this obsession with EG not winning 8 games? get a life. yes they were beaten badly by a very good northwest team. based on how they looked friday night, northwest will dominate a lot of teams this year.

  23. Have you seen Maurice Harris’ pretty hair? There’s no way he would go to ORMA and have to cut all that off. Besides, what would be his benefit of going there unless he had discipline issues..he’s already a qualifier, has already committed, and has a good situation where he is, unlike many of the actual seniors that transferred to ORMA their sr years. So, your guess is as good as ours as to where Harris is?????

  24. Harris played but Northern did not throw the ball as Daniel Downing is a primarly running QB and was not able to throw in hte pocket .
    That being said Harris had one catch for a big gain then “mossed” 3 WG defenders in the endzone on a very bad pass just to have the TD called back due to a penalty

  25. I don’t think Maurice would want to cut his hair either…..That seems to be his trademark and so be it if that works for him…

    He was with Northern in the 7 on 7’s and playing on offense and defense and he might just be on the slight mend at NG currently….

    Anyone heard any more on how Will Foxx is doing????

    Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery…..

  26. The kids are all saying that Foxx is doing okay. The hospital kept him a couple of days to monitor his progress. He may be able to return for the last two games but who would want to chance that?? Hopefully the colleges that were offering him will stick with him and recognize that he’s a great kid/athlete and will bounce back better than ever.

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