High School Football Tonight for 8/27/2010

Our AM950 radio broadcast team will be at Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium for the Panthers as they host the Ragsdale Tigers in what should be one Big Catfight…..Air time for the game will be 6:45pm with the pre-game and we hope to have updates on the area games in and around Guilford County and the way it looks, we are looking pretty good as far as the coverage goes, but we do need someone to call in from Southern Guilford…..Call our main radio sports desk at 275-9738 and check in with AM950/Greensborosports.com’s weekend anchor Jimmy Fulmer….Don Moore will be maning the site, all night, so visit us for your scores first…..Another interesting game that I was noticing yesterday over at WRALSportsFan.com was the game with George Washington Danville coming to Durham Hillside…..Former Reidsville coach Jimmy Teague will be bringing his Eagles to Durham to face QB Vad Lee(last week vs. Grimsley with 4 TD’s) and his Hornets……

Here is the full Guilford County schedule and our picks for tonight…..

Davie County at Page….PAGE

Ragsdale at Dudley….DUDLEY

Northeast at Northern Guilford….NORTHERN

Northwest Guilford at Western Guilford…NORTHWEST

Grimsley at High Point Central….CENTRAL

North Cross out of Roanoke, Virginia at Smith….SMITH

Eastern Guilford at Southwest Guilofrd….SOUTHWEST

Asheboro at Southeast Guilford….ASHEBORO

Rockingham County at Southern Guilford….SOUTHERN

High Point Andrews Charlotte Country Day at Simeon Stadiuim last night…..
*****We had CCD to win it and they did, 28-12 over the Red Raiders….*****


  1. Davie County at Page….Page

    Ragsdale at Dudley….Ragsdale

    Northeast at Northern Guilford….NE

    Northwest Guilford at Western Guilford…NW

    Grimsley at High Point Central….HPC

    North Cross out of Roanoke, Virginia at Smith….Smith

    Eastern Guilford at Southwest Guilofrd….SW

    Asheboro at Southeast Guilford….ASHEBORO

    Rockingham County at Southern Guilford….SOUTHERN

  2. @ Hey: oh that morehead kid must be strapping up tonight…. hahaha 84 yards of told offense eg gave up 349 and 259 was rushing….. if im not mistaking there playing a commit georgia tech player so he must have wheels…. ill tune back in later…. about to go watch the true team Northeast get in this nighthawks

  3. sefan, it’s all in fun man. That’s what I love about this board. BTW can’t wait for spring and Metro 4A baseball. Later man.

  4. Well I blew most of them but SEG put a licking on them boys from Asheboro. SEG ran it right up the gut most of the night. We even completed some passes.

  5. nice call sefan…..was a completely different team than last week. They looked good except for way too many penalties. And what about a passing touchdown!!!!

  6. I still think it’s a little early too on SEG. There are a lot kids on this squad starting on this team who are Sophomores. I think we will see growth and improvement week by week. These kids are winners. They had a great run in middle school and had a great JV year. One very important observation by sefan, SEG RAN THE BALL UP THE GUT MOST OF THE NIGHT. Obviously, Asheboro new this was coming, so SEG just had better athletes and were more physical. The whole state of NC knows the SEG offensive game (smash mouth football). It would be nice to see more passing and more variety to keep better teams from stacking the line of scrimmage and putting 8 to 10 in the box.

    The SEG defense has always been a strong and consistent unity. It was good to hear that they had a dominant performance. Defense will play a very important role in helping this team get wins. They can’t have too many more games where a CB has most tackles and the dirtiest uniform on the team.

    It was good win. I’m sure Coach Fritz and company will build from this. The Southern Guilford game will say a lot about this team.

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