Page HS JV Football from Thursday night contributer Joe Barile filed this report on last night’s game between the Page Pirates and the Davie County War Eagles…

Page 27
Davie 12

It was 12-12 at the half. Davie’s QB and WR, i think they are brothers.. both have the last name Martin, anyways.. those 2 are going to be pretty good. QB looks to be about 6′1 and the WR looks about 6′3. They exploited a match up with one of our shorter DBs. Page had 3 or 4 INTs though, and really sealed the game with the defensive secondary. Davie really couldn’t stop Page’s passing attack at all. Soph. QB Jordan Putnam had about 200 yards passing and 3 TD passes, if I can remember correctly.

*****We look to have more from Joe on this game, later on during the day….*****