Panther predictions

I watched that Carolina Panther-Tennessee Titan pre-season game last night and the offense didn’t come out until the second half…..

The score was 0-0 at halftime and you sure don’t see that, that often, even in NFL pre-season contests.

John Kasey was out there to boot three key field goals in the Panther win and he is the only original Panther still remaining with this team and he has now been around the league for 20 years….

Kerry Collins was in for the Titans, in relief of Vince Young and the announcers informed us that KC has now been doing his QB thing in the NFL for 16 years and for both Kasey and Collins, that’s going back a while….

The Panthers did move the ball with Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen in there at quarterback, but they couldn’t stick it in the end zone. Armanti Edwards, from Appalachian State didn’t really show me anything and the kid they had returning punts, did a much better job than Edwards did the week before….

That kickoff return man that the Panthers had in there in the second half and he was also a backup runningback, that guy can fly…..

The defense looks better than it did last season, but it is still early and this is pre-season, but the defense is showing improvement….

Any predictions for the Carolina Panthers for 2010???

I’ll go with 6-10 and with all the changes, the better be happy to get it….The is at RB….With DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, they have one of the best one-two punches at runningback in the entire NFL, but the rest of the story is still a mystery……

6-10, do it again…..6-10, what do you say????? This will not get you into the playoffs, but you better take it and run, cause New Orleans has the Panthers number, Atlanta with Ryan has their number and Tampa Bay is on the way and they can play on any given day…..

All I have to say, is that I like the Panthers, they will be fun to watch in the second half, but when you can’t get on the scoreboard in a half-hour, you need to go back to Spartanburg(when Steve Smith gets healthy) and start over brother……

NFL, do or die daddy……

Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers in their final exhibition/pre-season game on Thursday……