Gaby Sanchez’ clothes-line already rivals those of Ric Flair and John Cena

When Chris Volstad, of the Florida Marlins, threw behind the back of the Washington Nationals’ Nyjer Morgan on Wednesday night, in the 16-10 win by the Fish over the Nats, Morgan took a swing and grazed former Hopper Volstad, but Gaby Sanchez had Volstad’s back and Gaby laid a clothes-line on Morgan, that took him out….

Gaby Sanchez is the kind of guy that anyone would want on their team and he is now “The Enforcer”, for the Fish……

Sanchez is similar to the Arn Anderson-type character, but the only difference is, this was for real…..Morgan took out the Marlins’ Brett Hayes on Tuesday night and Volstad came right back throwing behind Morgan last night….

Morgan comes flying out toward the mound and takes that swipe that grazes Volstad and as shown on CNN, ESPN, FOX and other outlets, Gaby Sanchez takes out Morgan, with the patented Greensboro Grasshopper/Miami Hurricane clothes-line….

If you haven’t seen this one, you need to check it out when it pops up again, on CNN, ESPN, FOX or your local station…..

Gaby Sanchez, a former Hopper that is now, the new ShowStopper………”The Clothes-line lives in the MLBW”…….


  1. Flair is one of the few real wrestlers that are still living and most fans still recognize his name….The odds are against most wrestlers surviving past 30-35 these days, so what we have is one young wrestler, Cena, that readers have heard of and another, Flair, that the older readers have heard of…..The names will capture people’s attention and as I have scientifically stated, Gaby’s clothes-line is already better than Flair’s, since Ric’s did not really register with the viewers at all and the Gaby Sanchez clothes-line is gaining more attention as we speak/write….

    Good observation on your part Mr. Mitchell and a very good breakdown on the part of the commenter….Nice job Andy and we appreciate your input…..

  2. Hey Andy!!
    Have to agree with Mr. Mitchell!!! I don’t ever recall Flair usng a clothesline either:):) The first thing I thought of when I saw the highlights was The Masked Superstar & his flying clothesline!!!!

  3. I think the point that Andy was trying to establish is that you need a name like Flair’s in the headline to gather reader’s attention….If you were to use the name Masked Superstar or even a name like the Dingo Warrior or the Ultimate Warrior, then the general population would not recognize them…..

    Flair’s name and especially Cena’s name will register with many of today’s readers and with Flair you can cover the veterans(older crowd) like Mr. Mitchell and with Cena you can grab the younger set……After Flair reads this, he may want to start using some of the Gaby Sanchez tactics….

    Solid topic and it has grabbed a few people’s attention already and I wish Flair would check this out, cause we could help him with his career in his later years…..

    That’s what we are here for, to lend a helping hand and to offer up a line(Clothes)……

  4. Nobody remembers all of Flair’s clotheslines because they erase memories of all who see them, and they also affect the videotape machines. They’re that dangerous!

  5. Thanks Andy and Mike for backing me up…..Andy, I knew you would be there backing me up, you always have my back man….

    This was written more toward the National Audience levels, we know we have the locals checking in, now with headlines like these, my crew in Miami, Dallas, LA, New York and Chicago are stopping by. CNN, ESPN, FOX, GSPN, The Kernersville News, they where to find me…..

    The word is out……

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