Baddour feels sure he can find a cure…

Several UNC alumni and fans of the school are furious and worried about the reputation of the university being compromised. UNC AD Dick Baddour said he fully understands the feelings.

“I’m embarrassed by it. I hate it. I understand it. But we gotta make it better,” Baddour said. “We are a great institution because of our history and our history is not without faults, and when they develop it’s how we respond to them that’s important.”

Baddour had no update on when to expect resolutions to investigations into player-agent benefits and academic misconduct. But he did urge patience.

“What I hear most often now is, ‘Can’t we get it over, when is it gonna be over, let’s wrap this thing up’. There’s nobody who would rather do that more than I would,” Baddour said.

Dick Baddour feels sure he can find a cure and to read on CLICK HERE for……


  1. will only come if he drinks the hemlock. None of them will quit if there’s a payout @ the other end!!!

  2. Any grown man who calls himself “Dickie” at his age will never figure out the cure. He is nothing but a political glad hander who has made a ton of bad personnel decisions in his tenure. He’s had more bad hires than the people who hires Greensboro’s city managers ( The jury is out on the newest one, but he appears to be the best).

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