CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Contest still open for this week with Panthers-Giants tie-breaker

You can still get in on this week’s contest and the link to do so is at the top of the page(CiCi’s Contest Link) and don’t forget the tie-breaker is on the Carolina Panthers-New York Giants game this Sunday…..

Looking for total points scored on the Panthers-Giants game and get in now to ensure your best chance to win the contest, with Two Free Pizza Buffets from CiCi’s, with locations on Battleground Avenue and West Market Street here in Greensboro, to serve you….(There is a comments section on the Contest Link where you can leave your details….)

Pizza, Salad, Pasta, Soup, Desserts, Drinks……You get it all from CiCi’s and you get as much as want or you can keep filling up till they have to roll you out the door……