Frozato Frozen Yogurt now open on Pisgah Church Road

Stopped by there yesterday after a few of the tweets from Frozato and tried their frozen yogurt…..Got a sample of the low-fat Birthday Cake flavor and that stuff is good…..Nothing like a view of the sweet tweets from the cheap seats…..

Check out all the flavors, they have around 7-8 different flavors each day and you pay by the weight…..Not by your weight, but by how much the Frozato Frozen Yogurt serving weighs…..They also have a very large selection of toppings to choose from….

Frozato Frozen Yogurt, located at 301A Pisgah Church Road, near the Chick-Fil-A, and just up from the North Elm Intersection and you might say, between North Elm and Church Street; and you can go here for more info…..
twitter- @frozato