Guilford County HS Football Poll for Week #4 of the season

1) Dudley(4-0)
2) Smith(4-0)
3) Northern Guilford(3-1)
4) Ragsdale(3-1)
5) Page(3-1)
6) High Point Central(3-1)
7) Southeast Guilford(3-1)
8] Southwest Guilford(3-1)
9) Northwest Guilford(2-2)
10) Northeast Guilford(1-2)
11) High Point Andrews(2-2)
12) Southern Guilford(1-2)
13) Western Guilford(1-3)
14) TIE: Eastern Guilford(0-4)/Grimsley(0-4)


  1. I’m thinking this is anyone’s ball game this year in Guilford County. PARITY..PARITY..PARITY. There isn’t too much difference in talent level between the top 8 in Guilford County. That means this thing will come down to intangibles. Dudley and Ragsdale know how to win. They have both been the most successful programs in Greensboro over the last 4 years. They both are well coached. You have to give these two programs an advantage of the others.

    Page and Northern Guilford have great programs. I still believe the Summers kid is the best athlete on whatever field he steps on. Smith is the elephant in the room. They are here and have something to prove. They may be a better team than Page and NG. They may be ready to compete with Dudley and Ragsdale, but seeing is believing. You erase a legacy of losing by kicking butt every Friday night on the field.

  2. Dudley is the man until you beat the man. Ragsdale split with thme last year but lost this year. Ragsdale too young this year. Page may push Dudley and Northern is right there.

  3. i agree with go tigers if you dont beat dudley you have accomplished nothing. if you want to win the metro beat dudley period. it doesnt go through wg ,page, or smith, grimsley ,southeast ,it goes through dudley period. enough talk about the other teams beat dudley you get respect. cant argue with that. i am not a dudley fan but they can play and they’re good.

  4. How can SW Guilford who beat SE Guilford HANDILY 29-0, be ranked a spot below SE and they have the same record. Gives no credibility or validity to this poll and someones opinion. And there is no way Smith is better than Ragsdale. And HPC is better than 6th. Just my opinion, I just don’t post it on the web. Everybody has one!

  5. Good thoughts all the way around…..

    Southwest losing to HP Andrews last week is what did in SWG. The Cowboys would be no worse than 3rd in this poll if they would have taken care of business and beaten the Red Raiders….

    What have you done lately, your only as good as your last outing comes into play heavily…..Southeast has responded after that early game one loss to SWG…..SEG has come flying back with a vengence….

    Grimsley played better last week posting a couple of TD’s against Durham Jordan on the road…..NEG is (1-2), but their two losses came at the hands of high quality teams…..(Reidsville and Northern Guilford)…

    Dudley has the top spot…..If they lose tonight(Friday) and Smith wins, then Smith takes the top spot…..Smith is better than Central they just beat them…..If Central beats Andrews tonight then Central has to be above HPA and SWG cause HPA beat SWG….

    Right now Dudley and then Smith….Both unbeaten…..Northern is third they lost by only 1 point to #1 Dudley……Ragsdale lost by 2 TD’s to #1 Dudley, so they would fall behind the #3 NG that only lost to Dudley by 1…..Ragsdale beat Page, therefore Page comes in at #5 right behind #4 Ragsdale, that lost to #1 Dudley by 12….Page lost by only 3 to Ragsdale, while Central lost by 6 to Smith in OT….Southeast has been playing up in level of play and we will see what the Falcons will do without their RB Haynesworth tonight(Friday)…..SWG hit a down mark with their loss to HPA and we’ll see if Central doesn’t top HPA by 2 TD’s tonight….

    We’re not just throwing this on the wall and waiting to see what sticks….There is some thought that goes into this poll and the teams with one loss, you have to begin to blend in those that have lost two games…..

    No losses for SWG, EG, or NG tonight, all have OPEN dates…..

  6. Eastern Guilford is extremely underrated. They have the best coaching staff in the county hands down. Believe me when I say that, because I coached baseball there for over 20 years. Head coach Scott Loosemore has a great way of motivating the troops. If you were asking me though, Adam Gunn needs to be the starter at quarterback. He is a fabulous leader and communicator, on top of that he has an arm ready for the college game. What they need to do is start him at QB, and just like last year they’ll win. (When Derek Holbrook was moved to defense, and Joshua Morehead became QB)

    That’s just my input…take it or leave it.

  7. I like the call coach. Put Gunn in the gun(Shot-gun) formation and let it fly…..

    The kid can talk and he is a very solid communicator/leader…..

    Good luck to the Wildcats the rest of the way with wins coming soon versus Morehead, McMichael, Rockingham County and others…..

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