This man will lose his job, if the Panthers continue to lose

An interesting piece by Theoden Janes from the Charlotte Observer and with the way the Carolina Panthers have been playing to start off the season, this guy, the White
Shadow, might be out of a job……from

Nationally syndicated top rated Morning Show Ace&TJ hopes hometown(Charlotte) NFL team the Carolina Panthers have a winning season and soon, or else they are out a show member!

Stunt guy, White Shadow promises a victory for the Panthers within the first 5 weeks of the regular season and he’s willing to bet his job on it.

The team must have a win by October 11th for the part-time employee and former intern of nearly 3 years to keep his position.

CLICK HERE to read all and it is a nice look at the situation.


  1. Fire Fox. Make White Shadow the coach. Can’t be any worse than what it is now!
    Ooooogah, Ooooogah!!!!

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