JV Football Finals Tonight 9/23/10

Looking to spread the wealth around……

Northern Guilford 12
Burlington Williams 6

Northwest Guilford 29
Glenn 24


Southeast Guilford 34
Grimsley 14


Dudley 36
Smith 26

Southwest Guilford 12
RJ Reynolds 6

Page 38
Western Guilford 14


East Forsyth 21
High Point Central 12


Eastern Alamance 35
Eastern Guilford 18

Do we have some others????? I know they are out there, so send them our way and thanks in advance…..


  1. Is it not common practice on Thursday night to let the visiting teams varsity players into the game free of charge? I understand that the crowd at Western Guilford was small, but they turned away half of Page’s varsity team at the gate. I’m almost positive that Page allows the visiting teams players in for free. If I am wrong please correct me.

  2. Dudley Jv – 36
    Smith Jv- 26

    Panthers were up 22 – 0 at the half , thanks to the aggressive defense.LB Green had a interception and fumble recovery. he was playing behind the D Line that kept collapsing the pocket. The offense took advantage of every turnover , led by the passing of QB Mosley and some nice TD runs by RB Dockery.another good job by Mr every position Alex Sellers who played a spectacular game last week.
    The Eagles are a scrappy bunch , played hard till the end.

  3. Brian, that is not the normal practice. Page charged our varsity players at the last 2 JV games at Page, even with the boys in jerseys. No complaints. Heck some schools charge their own varsity players at their own JV games.

  4. I wonder how many touchdowns by Page have been called back due to penalties? It seems to happen every game, JV and varsity.

  5. Last week it looked as though Grimsleys JV team had finally found somebody that could throw, the Edwards kid. He was like 4 of 6 with a TD. Last night he led Grimsley down the field then threw an interception on their first drive and the coaches puled him out and he never went back in on offense so Grimsly was left running the same 3 running plays all night. It doesn’t look like they have anybody else who can throw at all so why bench the one guy you have that can throw over one interception? I know his dad used to coach QB’s at Page, bet he didn’t look happy.

  6. it should be a common practice to let the visiting varsity players in free. i think page lets the opposing teams players in for free. if its not a common practice it should be. if its within conference the players should at least get in free. but i say this when i read that those guys might take that out on them on the field tonight. page is pretty good. i dont know if i want to make mr.summers . mr.rogers, mr. phan, or that receiver mr. hatfield upset at me friday night that could get ugly. sorry to the team they’re playing tonight wow.

  7. you are right brian everytime page gets a long run they are flagged. its as if they dont want page to score. and they can score anytime one of their players touches the ball jv or varsity. maybe the refs just dont like page ,maybe some of those refs got their tells beat back in the 80’s by page and now this is the only way they can get them back. they sure do see a lot when page plays , or maybe they are so old they think they see something. (LOL) but anyway it will continue to happen and page just got to keep putting points on the board thats it. they got to bury a team so they cant come back because you never know what those refs might call (ragsdale game) if you know what i mean.

  8. The flags didn’t stop the Page JV. I didn’t see them punt once last night. When they had the ball, other than the first possession – they scored. They have a very good QB in Putnam and the receivers are right there to catch the passes. Plus the running backs are strong and can gain yards each time they touch the ball. Our defense stopped them every time. Plus kudos to the coaches for putting in the second string offense and defense in Q4. Keep it up Pirates!

  9. I’m really proud ouf our JV last night. You boysplayed your hearts out and it showed on the scoreboard–20-0 at half. Their defense looked like they were scared to tackle anybody, even when our second and third team were in. For grimsley’s sake, I hope the varsity does something different or we’ll score 100. As for SWislon’s comment, I’m pretty sure that was the only pass you guys threw all night so on the bright side, the kid did have 100% completion. However, to say he marched down the field is ridiculous. They ran the kickoff back to about our 40, ran a couple times, then threw the pick.

    Good luck tonight to both teams. I hope everyone plays hard and stays injury free. I’ll say the Falcons dominate 56-7.

  10. Yep, everyone is out to get Page. No way the refs throw those flags because there is actually a penalty. Anyone every stop to think that maybe the play went for a long run BECAUSE there was a penalty? Nah, couldn’t be. That makes too much sense. I guess the only way Ragsdale beat them is those dang refs calling penalties. You know what’s funny, it’s been going on for 4 damn years in a row! No way it could be that for 4 years in a row Ragsdale was the better team. That couldn’t be. No way the boys in the burbs are supposed to beat those city boys. Could it be that Page gets penalties because they are poorly coached? Page had them buried this year, up by 14 with 4 minutes but Ragsdale was able to score 17 in the last 4 minutes. I got an idea. Maybe Page should do less talking and more playing. James Summers talked up a blue streak at the JV game the night before between Ragsdale and Page. Claimed he was going to ‘hang 60 points on us”. Spain and the boys said the same thing last year. Everyone just let him talk. He wasn’t doing much talking about 10:30 on Friday night as he lay on the field face down, his tears soiling the field.

    Page does NOT let ALL players from opposing teams in for free. Maybe some teams but they don’t let Ragsdale players in for free.

  11. If the Page JV vs Ragsdale is any indication for the past two years (I think we were 27 or 35 – 0 last year and had second and third string in this year and still won hands down) – I think the tide is about to turn.

    Less talk, more play – maybe you should take some of your own advice.

  12. Page’s program is still on the way up. It hasn’t topped off yet and continues to rise.

    The successful JV teams in the past few years is the sign. Its getting to the point where Page will no longer need to rebuild, but to reload every year.

  13. I would tend to agree with you however many of those JV players from the last 2 years played in the Page-Ragsdale varsity game this year. 12 sophomores alone played including 4 starters on defense and the 1st four substitutes. Ragsdale has very few seniors starting. The difference between the 2 schools is coaching. But i also think it may turn for Page next year.

    Sometimes people get caught up in JV wins. Obviously winning is better than losing but the ultimate goal in JV is to develop players into good varsity players. Stay focused on the long term goal vs. the short term ones.

  14. well mr talk less more play a win is a win . i will the refs 1 page 0. tommy norwood has half of guilford county refs in his back pocket. lets be real you were at the game ? need i say more it was a joke and summers was right they did hang 60 on you but for some reason the refs saw a penalty when they scored on 2 or 3 different occasions. you have room to talk about coaching , page has to beat the opposing teams and the refs every night. if i was the coach i would put some many points on a team and then i wouldnt have to worry about some of these sorry refs in high school ft ball. give us a break you probably cried when dudley beat your tail ? you need to practice what you preach , ragsdale every year suppose to have really good teams ,best records best talent , best everything , but yet when you get in the playoffs you take an L,and then all of your players are on the ground crying their eyes out just like all the years before. lets see the last state championship you won was 1974? that would be 36 years ago. ragsdale is the dean smith of high school ft ball. all that talent less championships. must be the coaching?

  15. To: SWilson, if his dad was qb coach,seems as though he’d taught him to HIT THE OPEN RECIEVER and not right to the db ! No explanation needed their . . .you must be a fan of his dad’s !

  16. Coach Tommy Norwood and staff at Ragsdale and Coach Gillespie and his staff at Page do a great job and they stand at a combined (8-2) between them…..Both have solid teams and as we said earlier in the year, would love to see a re-match with those guys later on in the year….

    Both of the current staffs have some future head coaches on them and they do a tremendous job of having their players ready on Friday night and only three points seperates the two schools this year….

    I’d hate to have to go back and face that bunch from ’73-’74 again…..Coach Kemp had a load with Ricky Adams, Harold Odom, John Turner, Barry Lanning, Barry Sykes, Mitchell Johnston, Grant Nichols, my main man that people always forget, Roscoe Friday……And Reggie Tice, Jerome Lewis, Steve Vance and many more including the assistant coach that I hear is still coaching over at Glenn HS, Rick Larrick….I knew those guys when and they were a load….

    Coach Kirby and his bunch over Page were pretty good at about that time too…..Craig Fuquay, Michael Stevenson, Bob Via, the Rafftery kid and many more….

    Do any of you remember those old Ragsdale Tigers and the Pirates??????

    They were good ones then and they’re still good ones today….

    Only problem back then was that only one team made the playoffs(The Conference Champs) and nobody could stop Ragsdale and Ricky Adams/John Turner/Roscoe Friday/Harold Odom……

    Anybody remember Shorty Rickman?????? He may be the best all-around athlete to ever come out of Ragsdale HS in Jamestown……

  17. A couple more of those old Tigers that I remembered were big/huge/very large David McDade, Joel Saxton and the transfer that made the move down Guilford College-Jamestown Road, Danny Ingram…….

    McDade was the BIG ONE!

  18. Taking me back Andy – I went to all those Ragsdale games back then. Certainly a big name you left off that list was Prince Deese – great football player and wrestler. Odum and Adams were terrors out of the backfield. Adams rushed for over 2000 yards both years and Odum went for over 1,000 and was very dangerous catching passes out of the back field. And I remember Rickman too – great baseball player – probably the first to get drafted from there.

    As to the whole JV debate – every team that goes undefeated or on a long winning streak should take pride in it, and it does indicate a strong program that will do well at the varsity level when you can stockpile talent on a JV team. But you can’t ever assume great JV teams will dominate at varsity level.

    Many teams play their best FR and SO on varsity year in and year out which makes their JV weaker and contribute to other teams winning streaks. Some teams never have competitive JV squads because they just don’t have enough players coming out which also make long winning streaks suspect. Also since JV doesn’t play towards playoffs there isn’t as much incentive on winning. Some coaches emphasize player development not wins.

    An example is Hickory High – I know a few years back they put together a 50 + JV winning streak. Yeah they have competitive varsity teams but none of those unbeaten JV teams were champions at the varsity level.

    So enjoy your wins and streaks on JV but once you step on the varsity field it’s a whole new ball game.

  19. All of the really good players on Page’s JV this year are freshman. Coach G could careless about winning games at the JV level to be honest. He just wants to develop the kids. It’s not like Page has a whole staring line up of sophomore guys on the JV team.

    Looking at the JV roster right now, Page only has 16 sophomores on a 60 player roster.

  20. It would really be disapointing to me and the players if they really felt like Coach G didn’t care if they won or lost. I think they care. Also, having been around a few years, yes there are some great freshman on the team, but to say “all” the really good players are freshman – not true. I can name 8 Sophomores right now that have their names called on every play – and make things happen. These guys could play Varsity – if they guys in front of them (Jrs) also weren’t so good. So yes, this does still help develop them. But I hope the coaches do respect their record and ability to win. They put in too much hard work for that not to be the case.

  21. Prince Deese was gone by the time my varsity football battles with Ragsdale began, but I remember him from the wrestling mat…..Toughest 167 pound man that I have ever seen….He was a man and the rest of us were just mere boys/kids….They should have locked him up for killing us and they should have locked us up in the insane asylum, for even being in the same building with Deese…He was like no other and I say that in a very respectful manner….

    Side note:
    East Forsyth is also unbeaten at (5-0) on the JV football level….

  22. Yeah, I worded that wrong.. Didn’t mean to say, “All of the really good players.” Most would have been the better word rather then all.

    Stanley, Bugby, Putnam, Neal, and Morrison are the big sophomore contributors.

    Don’t get me wrong, Coach G cares about winning, but if the JVs lost, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. As he probably cares a bit more about developing the kids.

  23. VIKINGS!!!!5-00000. we shouldve beat em 29-7. they scored two td’s on our 3rd and 4th string. Put paige on our schedule, we’ll kill em

  24. Ryan, that is PAGE, not Paige. You might actually have a chance against Paige. However I think a Page Northwest match up would be close – my vote goes to Page.

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