Former UNC Tutor, now a marble shooter and uncooperative in Durham

Jenifer L. Wiley, the former UNC tutor, is now a kindergarten teacher at a Durham school and they probably still shoot a few marbles during recess, but for the real story behind the headlines, let’s turn to Robbi Pickeral and J. Andrew Curliss, from the News and Observer/Charlotte Observer….

CHAPEL HILL The former tutor linked to North Carolina’s investigation of possible academic misconduct in the football program has declined to cooperate with the probe, athletic director Dick Baddour said Thursday.

“We’ve reached out to her a number of times,” Baddour said in a telephone interview. “We’ve indicated to her that we would like to talk to her about this investigation, and her preference is not to do that.”

Baddour said her lack of cooperation hasn’t impeded the investigation: “We have to take the information that we have and go forward with it. Maybe there are situations where we’ve had to dig deeper. But I like to think we would have done those things with her involvement.”

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