Local/Area/State Football Finals Today

N.C. Central 27
N.C. A&T 16

Appalachian State 35
Samford 17

Georgia Southern 38
Elon University 21

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  1. My alma,but the season is already over,need to start looking ahead,but a coach doesn’t think that way . . .I know,but realisticly . . ..they’re done ! When you don’t sell out your allotment for ‘Central,c’mon, as big a rivalry as that game is, be real. Next weeks game is just a trip for the true blooded fans totravel and have something to hobbob about before homecoming. After homecoming they have good drawing cards in seeing two of the great premeir HBCU’S in FAMU and SC State. When you loose to “TC”(WSSU), NO OFFENSE . . . .WE DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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