Glad I ran this morning!

Woke up to the sound of rain this morning and I’m glad I made the move and got the running done, before the rain started bearing down on us today….

The rain let up a bit shortly after 7am and that is when I hit the street and then the heavy rains came back in, in the 9 o’clock hour….

Running/jogging is good for the heart and it is also a good way to clear the head and clean out your mind….

Don’t mind if I do and did it today and I for one, am glad I got mine in this morning, before Mr. Rain came in and took over our town….

When I run, I try to run soft and people never hear me coming down the road and that also takes much of the stress off of your knees….Good approach and if you can keep the weight down, that will help those knees too…..

Again, glad I ran this morning, even though it didn’t look to be a possibility at around 6am/sunrise time……

Good luck to those who decide to take the challenge later on today and continued success, as you fight the battle, against Mr. Rain…..