Ed Hardin says Butch Davis must go: If he’s not gone by Saturday, Dick Baddour must be fired too!

Athlone from www.news-record.com:

online pharmacy cytotec no prescription Butch Davis, as defiant and delusional as ever, said he would not resign Thursday. That leaves the University of North Carolina only one option.

Fire him. Now.

On one of the worst days in the history of the school, the Tar Heels’ head football coach refused to admit anything was wrong. A day that began with headlines blaring about agents and money and a trail leading directly to the Carolina football offices ended with Davis claiming the administration had given him “total support.”

If he’s on the sideline Saturday when the Tar Heels play East Carolina, athletics director Dick Baddour should be fired, too. After throwing everyone under the bus from former assistant John Blake to the UNC human resources department, Davis said nothing that has happened already is bad enough for him to resign.

The unfolding scandal has embarrassed the university, the alumni and the state of North Carolina. For that alone, he should resign. He hired Blake, considered one of the shadiest characters in the game. He hired the tutor the university later broke ties with, he said, for his own son. And she continued to work for him long after the school realized she had become “too close” to the players she was supposed to be tutoring and mentoring.

“Right now, it’s all allegations,” Davis said Thursday. “There has absolutely been no proof of any of those allegations until the NCAA rules on them.”

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  1. As Butch Davis goes….So does UNC football! Good luck at finding a coach that can recruit Blue Chippers to come play football at a basketball school.

  2. Coach Davis do not budge and we will stand by our man. Do not let this effect the team’s preparation for the game with East Carolina on Saturday. Heels will win by two touchdowns and those that are trying to run you out of town will be sorry. Wait and see, everybody in Chapel Hill will love Butch and they will not hate Chris. We have done nothing wrong but play the game the way we were taught to play it, hard and fast.

    Butch will see the sun rise on Saturday morning and Butch will dance in the sun after the win over the Pirates on Saturday afternoon.

    Sabian said this and if necessary, I will pay for this message.

  3. Ron with John Blake handing the money to these kids it is easy to get them to come to a basketball school, it will be hard to get them to UNC now that Blake and the money supply has resigned, for a man that is making 2.5 million a year Butch is clueless about everything in the football program, I know Butch must have a sore arm because he has thrown everybody under the bus.

  4. fbfan nailed it.

    Personally I hope they keep Davis and so do many other ACC coaches. With the position Davis has put himself and unc in, anyone should be able to recruit successfully against him. What parent in their right mind would let their kid play for that guy?

  5. Butch Davis is now my favorite Head UNC football coach of all time.
    (Matt D is my favorite basketball coach).
    The NCAA is now working on the academic cheating thing. UNC cannot cover it up anymore. Hey Roy, look out!

  6. Butch Davis is not going anywhere this year. He will stay a Heel at least until the end of the current college football season.

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