JV Football Tonight 10/7/10 Finals

Southern Guilford 34
Southwestern Randolph 13

Southeast Guilford 50
Southern Alamance 22

SEG (6-1)/(3-0)

Ragsdale 32
Southwest Guilford 0

Western Guilford 32
Smith 31

Page 46
Grimsley 14


Northwest Guilford 27
High Point Central 0



  1. Western was trailing 31-30 after scoring a touchdown with seconds to go. They set up to try and kick the extra point and instead, Austin Proehl took the snap as holder and threw a pass for the 2 point conversion and the win.

  2. As a Grimsley parent I’d like to commend the Page coaching staff, especially Head Coach Kevin Gillespie and AD Rusty Lee for the class they showed tonight. Page could have put 80 plus on the board if they wanted to. Not once did I see a player from either team taunting. Hopefully Grimsley will improve over the next few years and be able to give Page a game worthy of this great rivalry. Speaking of which I heard Kiser thumped Mendenhall this week.

  3. Drew Rogers’ absence from the starting lineup will take away a very potent component of the Pirate’s run game. Phan and Hooker will rotate in most likely, but as Andy pointed out, expect quarterback James Summers to call his own number a lot t onight.

    This game is Grimsley’s entire season. They will throw everything at Page tonight. Expect fake punts, fake field goals, flea-flickers, the kitchen sink. This game is all Grimsley has to play for. They are 1-6. Coach Gillespie was quoted in the paper today, “Throw out the records in this game.”

    Page just needs to do what they do best; run the ball. Mix in some passes. Get Phan in open space with the ball. Even without Rogers, this Page team has too many horses. Even factoring the usual screw-job the refs seem to inflict on them, Page should win going away tonight.

    Go Pirates! Beat Swirlies!

  4. Grimsley can throw all they want at Page. However they just dont have the horses at this time. In time they should improve.

  5. 2 shutouts in the same week for the NW JV team. SW Guilford on Monday and HP Central last night.

  6. ok nw jv. great job nw. good job page. we know that nw has a good jv team and so does page. the thread is not about nw. we all know that if these 2 would play page will win. so good luck nw.

  7. Hey….if there were rankings for jv programs NW would be Top 25 in the Jayvee USATODAY…good job NW…way to go NW……..move over Reidsville the NW jayvee program may take over the nations longest winning streak…..It does seem that NW avoids playing PAGE…

  8. ok2,

    Since this is a JV forum, I will only comment about JV football. NW last played Page in 2008. Both JV teams were 8-1 heading into the final JV game of the year. The game was played at Page. NW won that game to end up the season 9-1. The only loss came against Mt. Tabor (away) earlier that season. Thus, the PAGE JV team from 2008 is part of the current win streak that this current NW JV team is continuing……. 🙂 Conference realignment is the reason why Page has been avoiding playing NW.

  9. nw4life get a life . who cares about your jv. when they get to varsity and play i dont see them going underfeated. so great have a grat jv season. i hope those kids never lose a game. but the real game is played on fridays. and no page doesnt avoid anybody. they just get more press because they are good in every sport. can nw say that? see there are other sports besides ft ball like soccer, basketball. have a good day.

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