Saturday morning HS football rewind: Picks go (8-1) now at [62-12] for season…

Not too bad on the picks last night and thanks to all of those that sent scores our way during the Page-Grimsley game with Bill, Lori, Greg, Glenn, Kirk, Coach Turk, Scott, Chris, Todd, Rusty, Buck and others……

Huge games coming up next Friday night with unbeaten Smith at Page, Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford, and Northeast Guilford at Southern Guilford among the BIG ONES……

(Another big one will be Dudley at Southeast Guilford and that one will be a runningback battle in Forset Oaks…)

Here’s how the picks on last night’s games went and NWG went into the Bison’s house in High Point and came out of there with a win and that puts the Vikings in a position to battle Ragsdale for the TOP spot in the conference next Friday night…..

Any word from anyone on how Smith-Western Guilford game rolled last night…..Sounds like it was a nail-biter……

Last night:

W Page(5-1) at Grimsley(1-6) [PAGE]
L Northwest Guilford(5-2) at High Point Central(5-1) [CENTRAL]
W Northern Guilford(5-1) at Eastern Guilford(1-5) [NORTHERN]
W Southwest Guilford(3-3) at Ragsdale(6-1) [RAGSDALE]
W Western Guilford(2-5) at Smith(7-0) [SMITH]
W Southwestern Randolph(5-1) at Southern Guilford(4-2) [SOUTHERN G]
W Southeast Guilford(4-3) at Southern Alamance(1-5) [SOUTHEAST G]
W Asheboro(2-4) at Northeast Guilford(2-3) [NORTHEAST]
W High Point Andrews(3-3) at WS Atkins(0-5) [ANDREWS]


  1. Wow Andy! I’m impressed!

    1 loss?

    I should’ve found you before I turned my football pool sheet in. The pot is $860.00 this week.

  2. Have been right at 1-2 losses per week most of the year, but have not found the unbeaten/perfect week as of yet….No Nirvana, but still in the hunt…

  3. It looks to me like Smith’s coach had next week’s game on his mind before they even left the field. He’s already commenting on what Smith needs to do to beat Page.

    I like it!

    He a little concerned. So much that he didn’t take too much time relishing in his victory last night. You could look at it two ways…either he’s taking the “OK, we won, it’s on to the next game” or “I need to get my guys really psyched up”.

    Personally, I think it’s the latter.

    We’ll see…..

  4. Andy–

    By the tale of the tape, it looks as if Smith etched that one out and I’m sure the simple mistakes is what concerns their coach going into next week’s game.

    At any cost, it’ll be an exciting match. As far as offense, Smith has an abundance of talent–likewise we have soooo many weapons. We could hit them with at least 6 offensive players that can take it to the house; that’s not including Mr. Summers (which I HAVE to admit, he’s been playing superb here lately)

    I sincerely feel that our offense is going to put the numbers up. I’m hoping our defense can hold Smith off.

    I predict I high scoring game.

  5. Smith is now one of those unbeaten teams with a BIG ‘OLE target on their backs and they, the Golden Eagles, have outstanding athletes that make BIG PLAYS….

    Sometimes it goes unnoticed, but Page has six receivers that can catch that ball in Caldwell, Suggs, Hatfield, Greene and Barefoot….

    You can’t say enough about that little man, Tuc Phan who plays so big and he will be meeting his alter-ego in little Elijah Jordan next Friday night……

    Watching Summers and Sims, the two QB’s will be worth the price of admission and more, get your tickets early or you may have to watch the game from the Pirates’ Ship down by the scoreboard….

    They had a game like this back in the mid to late 80’s with Page and Smith and it was huge….

    Smith had a kid at that time named Keith Maynard, a super receiver and they may have been going with Herndon at QB at the time….People out there somewhere will remember that season and that game….Page was on a roll at the time and Smith was too….

  6. hey underdogs and Andy

    Can u guys explain the fascination you have with this Summers kid at QB. I have seen him play twice and Im stil waiting to see a pass completed downfield he is an outstanding athlete but as a QB not that good. Im not hating on the young man but honestly what does he do against fast teams that can catch him when he rolls out. Last night all he completed was screens and inside slants. Its going to be interesting next two weeks for sure

  7. Last week they were comparing him to Russell Wilson. Go figure. He does have a strong arm but has not thrown the ball a lot coming in to this year. Give him time. Looks like a GT QB to me. I see potential but he needs a very good off-season. He could benefit by attending several good QB camps.

  8. We’ll have to give some of the credit to the defense last night in the work on stopping the Summers run and he still threw for what 3 TD passes?

    Teams will contiune to adjust to the opponent’s strengths and things will vary somewhat from week to week….

    Luke Heavner got shut down for the most part versus East Forsyth and then came back strong with 4 TD passes last night vs. SWG….

    Josh Thompson over at Western had been struggling for the most this year, but he had his break out game last night against Smith….

    Week in week out the focus by the opposition may vary at times, but we will see the most talented players bounce back….

    Jeff Sims from Smith was 4-15 vs. SEG and he still hit for 3 TD’s so there are a lot of ways you can study the numbers…

    Three TD passes on an “off night”, by Summers or Sims, most of us would take that any day of the week….Cunningham was off a bit for Southern last night, but the compensated with their running game and took what SWR gave them…

    Adams for High Point Central didn’t have his best night ever last evening, but Pawlowski was in tip top shape with a little help from his teammates for the most part…

    Even Daniel Downing for Northern didn’t have his total “A” game last night, but his team was still able to eke out a win…..

    I thought the Simpson kid from Grimsley gave a very account of himself after he got settled down last night and was definitely in pretty good shape out there for a freshman, but the Page Pirate defense did pose problems for with the pass rush during several stages of the game….I bet will see more of Simpson in a shotgun formation as time moves on during his stay at Grimsley….

    It should be getting tougher at this time of year, since we are now in the meat of the schedule and with only four games reamaining on the regular season calendar, it will get even more interesting….

    Page has Smith on the 15th and then Dudley on the 29th of October and our overall quarterback study has made for some very good and timely conservation this year and it should get even better during the stretch run….

    Next week:
    Cunningham-Kyle Martin(SG-NEG)
    and another game that may have some bearing on the overall Metro 4-A outcome is Dudley at SEG and you have a runningback when you get down there to Forest Oaks…..

  9. andy,
    do you know the reason the grimsley coach put these hideous blue stripes on the grimsley helmets and doesn’t have the whirlie logo on the helmets. They look ridiculous. Good ball game for a half .

  10. I thought the whirlwinds had always been on the Grimsly football helmets in the past years….

  11. Keith,

    Grimsley’s coach is trying to get the boys over there to apprecitae the institution that they attend. Part of the process is to know and understand the historical aspect of Grimsely Football. Prior to the season, Peter Byrd, who is Grimsley’s Historian, came and talked to the boys, and presented an unbelievable presentation on GHS Athletics and Grimsley Football. The helmet designs from Friday night’s game date back as late as the 30’s, and through the 60’s during Bob Jamieson’s era at GHS. Those stickers are a tribute to GHS and an effort to get the boys to take pride and value in GREENSBORO Grimsley Senior High School. Being a Whirlie from that time…The helmets looked Great!!!

  12. Thanks for the history lesson and peter byrd is the best when it comes to grimsley history . But i will still stand by that the whirlie symbol needs to be a part of the grimsley helmets because you could have still paid tribute to the old helmets even with the whirlie symbol on the helmet all it would have taken it to put 2 blue stripes on the side of the symbol.

  13. Andy the big games between Page and Smith were in the Mid 80’s. The regular season game was like 10-7 and then they met again in the playoffs. Biggest crowd I’ver ever seen at Page. Smith coach at the time(Leland Hughes) tried to pull a psyche job on Page by not taking the field for warm ups then spent the entire game yelling at his players for not being ready (Page won 41-0). Smith was 0-10 when Herndon was QB at Smith then he and coach Dick Knox came to Grimsley where they went 2-8 and 6-5. This one should be a great game. Get there early.

  14. I remember Coach Leland Hughes very well from those days at Smith….He used to have a Saturday morning radio show on WKEW 1400AM with Bob Licht as host and they would talk about the previous night’s game……

    Hughes had things shaking a little bit over at Smith and I wonder if the Revels kids, Billy and Jenifer or Barry Kallum may remember more about those Eagles teams that had things moving back in the 80’s…..

    There was a kid named Ronnie Hammonds maybe, that came out of Smith at about that time and he had unreal speed and I think he went to the University of Georgia and there was another kid from about that time that got a full ride to East Carolina…..The Keith Maynard kid was a real talent….

    I do believe I was at that Page-Smith playoff game that year and the crowd was huge and the build up to that game was really big….

  15. Hey Andy, Another 400 yd 4td game by Mike Fields Jr. That sets up this weeks game with Dudley .. Should be a good one because Southeast doesnt pass and Dudley doesnt either…Lets see who has the best Runningbacks or the worse Dbs….

  16. I noticed that on Mike in the Saturday N&R and was curious too on how many yards he got and you have him at 400…..How many yards and TD’s for Mike Fields on the season and how did Haynesworth and Petty do rushing-wise last Friday night? What kind of yardage did they get?

    It certainly will be a Battle of the Runningbacks with Dudley and SEG at Southeast this coming Friday night…..

  17. Burlington times news had him at 406 yards.. 566yrd total rushing..for SEG…Fields is at about 1500yrd and 26 tds on the year …round about…

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