HS Football this week

Many big games on the slate and you’ll have your pick of which one, or ones you want to see….We have been schooled to take the home teams to win in the close calls, these upcoming tight contests, from previous experiences over the years….Do you see that being the case with these games this week? Do you go with the Home Team Sports?

Smith(8-0) at Page(6-1)
Ragsdale(7-1) at Northwest Guilford(6-2)
Northeast Guilford(3-3) at Southern Guilford(5-2)
Dudley(5-2) at Southeast Guilford(5-3)
Southern Alamance(1-6) at Western Guilford(2-6)
High Point Central(5-2) at WS Parkland(2-6)
McMichael(3-4) at Northern Guilford(6-1)
Eastern Guilford(1-6) at Rockingham County(3-4)
Glenn(1-6) at Southwest Guilford(3-4)
Trinity(0-7) at High Point Andrews(4-3)

Grimsley(1-7) [OPEN]


  1. I don’t think you can base your decision over the years because new players constantly change each team as the years go by. Ragsdale lost a bunch of good players this year on defense and at Wide Receiver meanwhile NWG has added new RB’s that are producing and additions to Defense along with WR’s. This time last year I would say blow out for Ragdsale no matter where the game was played, and so it was, but this year will be a very close game and could go either way. We will see if NWG has another 4th Qtr Drive in them because I think the team that has the ball last in this game will win it.

  2. Smith(8-0) at Page(6-1)——–Page

    Ragsdale(7-1) at Northwest Guilford(6-2)———–NWG

    Northeast Guilford(3-3) at Southern Guilford(5-2)———-Southern

    Dudley(5-2) at Southeast Guilford(5-3)——–Dudley

    Southern Alamance(1-6) at Western Guilford(2-6)———Western

    High Point Central(5-2) at WS Parkland(2-6)———-HPC

    McMichael(3-4) at Northern Guilford(6-1)———-Northern

    Eastern Guilford(1-6) at Rockingham County(3-4)———Eastern

    Glenn(1-6) at Southwest Guilford(3-4)————–Glenn

    Trinity(0-7) at High Point Andrews(4-3)————-HP Andrews

  3. HS Football Fan picked most of the home teams, but those are some pretty good picks no matter how you slice it….

  4. Andy, When you do your picks could you pick Ragdsale since you always miss 1 or 2 each week. Thanks

  5. Toss-ups are on the board with Page-Smith, Rags.-NWG, NEG-SG and Dudley-SEG….Those top four games are up in the air, just like the ball and the home team may be the only way to go come Friday…..

  6. Reidsville vs Cummings could be the game of the year. Reidsville has been struggling on offense and Cummings looks like it is firing on all cynliders. “The Streak” could end at 55 in Community Stadium.

  7. How would you compare Cummings’ charges to those at Jordan Matthews? The Jets gave Reidsville a real run for their money last Friday night down in Siler City…..(The town that Robert and Jerry Siler built.)

    How would Cummings and JMHS stack up and do you give Burlington Cummings and edge going into Friday’s contest or does the streak keep the edge in the Reidsville Rams’ corner?

  8. I’m taking Page every time. Page has an offense unlike Dudley, and the game is at Page. Plus, the trash that the Eagles are talking (you know they are always talking) make bulletin board material for the game. I’ll go close game with the Pirates handing Smith their first (and probably only) loss in the regular season.

  9. Gotta give an edge to NWG over Ragsdale. Fan makes some good observations. ragsdale has lost a bunch and the NWG run game is tough on youth. A good senior defense usually has the discipline to defend it but it’s much tougher on a younger team. In addition NWG has a good passing game to give it balance. It should be a good game but I see NWG taking a close one. Ball control edge will go to NWG. Ragsdale has to find a way to run effectively to keep it’s defense off the field. Love them tigers but this game does not set up well for Ragsdale.

  10. Smith (sorry UU but I don’t think Page can hang with the tools that Smith has)
    Rags (above sounds a lot like what everyone said before the Page game)
    SG (I pick the south over the north whenever I can)
    SEG (Dudley cannot beat us at home, not enough offense)
    HPC (I picked them last week and they lost so I am trying my carma thing again)
    NG (no brainer)
    EG (could be a dangerous pick since they will probably let down this week)
    Glenn (in honor of baseball coach Dale Ijames)
    HPA (by 2 TDs)





  12. Smith(8-0) at Page(6-1)-Page by 3
    Ragsdale(7-1) at Northwest Guilford(6-2)-Ragsdale by 7
    Northeast Guilford(3-3) at Southern Guilford(5-2)-Southern by 7
    Dudley(5-2) at Southeast Guilford(5-3)-Dudley by 10
    Southern Alamance(1-6) at Western Guilford(2-6)-Western by 7
    High Point Central(5-2) at WS Parkland(2-6)-HPC by 14
    McMichael(3-4) at Northern Guilford(6-1)-Northern by 17
    Eastern Guilford(1-6) at Rockingham County(3-4)-Eastern by 3
    Glenn(1-6) at Southwest Guilford(3-4)-Southwest by 3
    Trinity(0-7) at High Point Andrews(4-3)-HPA by 20

  13. Cummings as already played Matthews and the won 16-14. The Big Mo is on Cummings side. I hope the Streak stays alive.

  14. The Massey Site has a match up tool and has NWG-19 Rags-19. NW has to be the Cinderalla team in the league this year. What a pleasant surprise. No nothing about the QB but hear he is pretty exciting to watch when they cut him loose.

  15. The QB @ NW is #5 Matt Pawlowski. From what I saw at HPC when he gets a little time he can tear a defense apart. I think that’s the big difference in this NW team and the NW teams in the past. Now you must respect the passing game as well. ….Also Pawlowski is only a Jr. He has one more year of High School ball left.

  16. Cant wait to see the battle of the #5’s…….Ragsdale’s #5 Luke Heavner and NW Guilford #5 Matt Pawlowski…….Two of the best QB’s in the area going up against one another! Should be a great game!!!!

  17. The Pawlowski(NWG)-Heavner(RHS) faceoff…..

    The Summers(Page)-Sims(Smith) session…..

    We have some real good ones coming up this week……

  18. Andy,

    Just wondering which game will be the Greensboro Sports Game of the Week????

    Ragsdale/NW Guilford

  19. How is this for being neutral on the NWG-Rags game: When the fourth Quarter and the games on the line, I want the ball in NO. 5’S hand to make the big play. LOL

  20. We’ll have Northwest Guilford and Ragsdale players with us at Shane’s Rib Shack on Thursday night and we will be at Page for the Smith-Page game on Friday night, with updates every 5 minutes from NWG on the Vikings and the Tigers….

    Can catch it all here at Greensborosports.com with Football in Focus on Thursday and AM950 radio on Friday, plus the game on wpetam950.com…..And the score updates will be on the site all night….

    Lots of coverage and plenty to cover….

    (Former NWG football coach Charlie Groves with us at Shane’s on Thursday….He was the coach of Rusty Larue back in the day….)

  21. Can’t say I blame you for not putting Ragsdale on the air – AM950’s signal is very weak in Jamestown. Can barely pick up anything through the static. Nobody around here would be listening anyway.

  22. Andy,
    I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything about him in a few years. He was my 8th grade baseball coach at K’ville Jr High MANY years ago. That might have been his first or second year as a teacher and coach. He is a great man and a great coach. Hope all is well with him.

  23. Close race on Passer Ratings of Local QB’S:
    117 – Sims
    115 – Pawlowski
    115 – Cunningham
    113 – Downing
    103 – Adams
    87 – Heavner
    68 – Thompson


  24. Based on only completion ratio the list does change:

    68% -Adams
    60% -Pawlowski
    56% -Heavner
    56% -Thompson
    54% -Cunningham
    52% -Sims

  25. I think the people not at the games are getting a better radio these days by way of computer….If you are at home and have one handy, that is the way to go to get your ball games…..wpetam950.com and you get a clear signal from anywhere and you can use your phone if you have the net too on your hand-held…..

    The site will have score updates all night long and you can use your phone for that too….Not sure about how all those apps work, but the net seems to be the way more and more people are going….

  26. Andy–

    I’ve added your site to my iPhone so all I do is to click on it and “PADOW!”….instant access.

    There are going to be some great match ups this week!

    Dudley-S. East.

    However….if I was a betting woman (and my son had a bye week) I’d be posted up at the Ragsdale game. That looks as if it’s going to be a battle of the QBs.

  27. As they say in the telephone and in the information business(internet and radio), that’s a good call…..

    I think it will very interesting for both Smith-Page and NWG-Ragsdale….

    Just a bit of what the QB’s did again last week:
    Heavner(Ragsdale) 4 TD passes…
    Pawlowski(NWG) 2 TD’s one by pass and one by run…
    Sims(Smith) 4 TD passes…
    Summers(Page) 4 TD passes….

  28. @ sefan–

    I don’t know, Buddy but I will say/type this, I’m going to ride the Pirate ship on Friday night but I’ll be sure to dock it here after the game.

    Get ready for the ol’ head noggin ’cause I’m going to rub yours until it SHINES!!!!


    See ya then!!!!

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