Game over for Jack “Buck” Bullock

He didn’t like being called Marion, so they just called him Jack and sometimes he could be a real donkey, but he was a good equine, as they used to say down on the farm….Old Jack “Buck” Bullock, as we used to always call him around game-time, at the George’s Pizza and Sub on Randleman Road and I’m sure they had some sort of name or names for Jack, over at J. Butler’s on New Garden Road….

Huge UNC Tar Heel fan, but we tried to never hold that against him, especially in his later years…He and I saw many a game at George’s, including the Texas Rangers winning their first-ever division title, back in the late 90’s…..

He was very much like our own Jack Buck, but now he is calling games alongside Jack B., up on Franklin Avenue/Street, just down the road from Gabriel and Michael’s Place……


GREENSBORO — Mr. Marion Davis Bullock, 88, passed away October 20, 2010, at Wesley Long Hospital.

Funeral services will be held 2 p.m. Friday at George Brothers Funeral Service. Burial will follow at Guilford Memorial Park.

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