Win or lose, Rangers’ Bengie Molina ready to grab a World Series ring…


Texas Rangers’ Molina gets a ring no matter what

Talk about having your bases covered. Bengie Molina would get a World Series championship ring regardless of whether the Texas Rangers or San Francisco Giants win it all. He is about to become the first catcher in baseball history to appear in the Fall Classic against a team he played for earlier in the season.

Molina is the Rangers’ catcher, a savvy veteran whose three-run home run in Game 4 of the American League Championship Series was critical to knocking off the Yankees.

Molina also was the Giants’ catcher from 2007 until July 1 of this year, when he was traded to Texas for reliever Chris Ray and minor leaguer Michael Main. Ray, a reliever who pitched credibly for both teams, also could end up with a ring regardless who wins, although the Giants haven’t put him on their playoff rosters.

Bengie Molina knows what it’s like to play with the Giants and now the Rangers.

Molina played 61 games for San Francisco and 57 games for Texas during the regular season. He has sparkled during the postseason, batting .333 with two homers and seven RBIs in nine games.

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