Seven stats stars in Guilford County: HS Football passing, rushing, receiving and more…

Stats are from and the High Point Enterprise with Banjo Matthews…

Passing:(With total yards leading the tape measure…)

1) Drew Adams(High Point Central) 2008 yards passing….16 TD’s…7 INT’s… 110 Rating…
2) Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford) 2005 yards….24 TD’s…6 INT’s…106 Rating…
3) Jeff Sims(Smith) 1631 yards….20 TD’s…5 INT’s…118 Rating…
4) Josh Thompson(Western Guilford) 1422 yards…. 6 TD’s…7 INT’s…78 Rating…
5) Luke Heavner(Ragsdale) 1350 yards….11 TD’s…6 INT’s…91 Rating…
6) Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford) 1186 yards….13 TD’s…2 INT’s…129 Rating…
7) Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford) 1010 yards….8 TD’s…1 INT…116 Rating…

Rushing:(Based on total yards…)

1) Elijah Jordan(Smith) 1537 yards….7.39 yards per carry…170.8 yards per game…15 TD’s…
2) Mike Fields(Southeast Guilford) 1035 yards…10.15 yards per carry…172.5 yards per game…18 TD’s…
3) Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford) 919 yards…..7.66 yards per carry…91.9 yards per game…8 TD’s…
4) Xavier Knight(Western Guilford) 812 yards….6.82 yards per carry…101.5 yards per game…7 TD’s…
5) Dalton Dillon(Northwest Guilford) 747 yards….7.25 yards per carry…83 yards per game…6 TD’s…
6) Malik Mosley(Southern Guilford) 636 yards….10.43 per carry…70.7 yards per game…8 TD’s…
7) Marques Haynesworth(Southeast Guilford) 629 yards in 5 games….8.06 yards per carry…125.8 yards per game…2 TD’s…
8] Barry Brown(Ragsdale) 574 yards….5.57 yards per carry…63.8 yards per game…7 TD’s…
9) Mohamed Khellah(Northern Guilford) 506 yards….5.95 yards per carry…56.2 yards per game…6 TD’s…

Receiving:(Based on total yards and including those among the Top 100)

1) Derek Grant(High Point Central) 59 receptions….970 yards…16.44 yards per catch…121.1 yards per game…7 TD’s…
2) Maurice Harris(Northern Guilford) 37 receptions….734 yards…19.84 yards per catch…81.6 yards per game…8 TD’s…
3) Lashuran Monk(High Point Central) 44 receptions….678 yards…15.41 yards per catch…75.3 yards per game…6 TD’s…
4) Matt Colvin(Southern Guilford) 28 receptions….568 yards…20.29 yards per catch…63.1 yards per game…7 TD’s…
5) Austen Thompson(Southern Guilford) 34 receptions….479 yards…14.09 yards per catch…53.2 yards per game…5 TD’s…
6) Quinton Able(Smith) 19 receptions….466 yards…24.33 yards per catch…58.3 yards per game…6 TD’s…
7) Eric Ebron(Smith) 17 receptions….449 yards…26.41 yards per catch…56.1 yards per game…6 TD’s…
8] Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford) 16 receptions….438 yards…27.38 yards per catch…48.6 yards per game…3 TD’s…
9) Codie Davis(Smith) 14 receptions….425 yards…30.36 yards per catch…47.2 yards per game…5 TD’s…
10) Kedish Edwards(Western Guilford) 30 receptions….383 yards…12.77 yards per catch…54.7 yards per game…
11) Anthony Stewart(Ragsdale) 21 receptions….379 yards…18.05 yards per catch…47.4 yards per game…3 TD’s…
12) Deshawn Shouse(Ragsdale) 24 receptions….334 yards…13.92 yards per catch…47.7 yards per game…1 TD…

*****Kids like Mycah Gaylord, James Summers, Drew Rogers and Tuc Phan would be showing up somewhere here on the list and we will try and get their numbers too for you…..*****

+++++Some updated totals that we have been receiving:
Mike Fields Jr.(SEG) 1606 yards 161 car 24 tds…..
Airyn Willis(SWG) 8 games 107 atts 861yds rushing 108.5 per game 8.04 per carry (8 games he did not play in the Ragsdale game injured)
Xavier Quick (HP Andrews) 8 games missed the HPC game… 113 atts 791 yds 87.9yds per game…
Derek Grant(HP Central) has 1021 yards…10 TD’s ..65 catches+++++


  1. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttt???????????????

    Luke Heavner–FIFTH??????????????

    Mycah, James, Drew and Thuc didn’t even make the list?????????????

    **slamming laoptop shut and throwing it against the wall**

  2. Airyn Willis from SW Guilford was left off your rushing leaders. The HPE has him with 868 yds in 8 games on 107 carries for a 8.7 yds per rush avg and 108 yds per game. you need to add him to your list Andy.

  3. Derek Grant has 1021 yards…10 TD’s ..65 catches..2 for 2 on his passes..that gives him a perfect QB rating 🙂


    4) Drew Adams – 9.6
    5) Jamie Cunningham – 8.8
    1) Jeff Sims – 11.2
    7) Josh Thompson – 8.0
    6) Luke Heavner- 8.0
    2) Matt Pawlowski – 10.7
    3) Daniel Downing – 10.6

  5. Completion Perecentage:

    1) Drew Adams – 67%
    6) Jamie Cunningham –52%
    7) Jeff Sims – 50%
    4) Josh Thompson – 57%
    3) Luke Heavner- 58%
    2) Matt Pawlowski – 61%
    5) Daniel Downing – 55%

  6. Matt Pawlowski has made huge strides this year, and his numbers are a reflection of it. Plus, there is a major overall improvement in his receiving corps this year. They have limited the number of dropped passes we have seen in previous years. For an offense that is built around its ability to run the ball it is extremely important to make the most out of every pass attempt.

  7. ummmm those numbers on mike fields cant be right… or they must not be updated!!! those numbers look like what he had after 3 games this season lol.

    Sims – 22.6
    Downing -19.4
    Pawlowski -17.4
    Cunningham – 17.0
    Adams – 14.34
    Thompson 13.9
    Heavner 13.7

  9. Hard to tell a lot from all the stats. How many times does a team throw it? What kind of WR’s do you have to work with. There are a lot of variables. All the kids are obviously talented but the ultimate test will be who gets recruited as a qb and who doesn’t, and by whom. That, and who wins games.

    Another thing to remember, many times you have to be wary of who is entering the stats to MaxPreps and NCpreps. In some cases it is a parent. Regardless, congrats to all the boys on their achievements.

  10. I’ve got to be thinking it is the coaches sending the info to MaxPreps and not sure about…Both are good sites, but with Fields and Willis at MaxPreps, they are both coming out of there with stats for just six games total….Probably more numbers on them than what MaxPreps is showing….

    I think the High Point Enterprise and MaxPreps are right in line on Adams and Cunningham’s numbers and we will try and get more reliable numbers up here on others if we can get an on-line edition of the HP Enterprise numbers….

    One thing is for certain, makes for very good conversation and one of our readers hit me with a good one yesterday, when he brought up the sophomore group of backs that we have and how they are all contributing in a very large way with:

    Reid Baxter(NWG)
    Malik Mosley(Southern Guilford)
    TJ Logan(Northern Guilford)
    Larry Edwards(SWG)

    Bigger numbers above on:

    Airyn Willis
    Mike Fields
    Derek Grant

    *****Based on some of the numbers that I have been seeing on Matt Sugg(NWG), he might be our Lineman of the Year….*****

  11. With College coach’s making 6 and 7 figure checks each year, you know they will check these boys out either in person or rely on a trusted assistant coach. No player listed will be recruited on stats alone. All kinds of factors go into their decissions, Character, Leadership, GRADES. Some of these boys are very smart students and will have an opportunity to play IVY league football should they choose too. I like the talent in our area and would not be surprised if over 50% end up playing on Saturday. We should all be proud of the accomplishments these boys have done on and off the field.

  12. I have seen Summers play, he is great at running the ball and also can play a heck of a lot of positions on the field, don’t think his passing game is his strong suit. Sorry UnderDogs Unite.

  13. Something I wouldn’t mind seeing from Page in the future would be Rogers and Summers at split backs and Putnam in as the QB, just to give things a different look and Summers is a very good runner and he and Rogers back there together down the road would pose a new threat…..Tuc can still spot up at the slot too, not trying to move him out of the picture, his speed is way too valuable….

  14. Hey Andy

    How about Rogers and Phan as split backs and Summers at WR with Putnam at QB. Id like to see Summers as a punt and Kick returner and maybe at free saftey.

  15. I know there are lots of opinions, but come on man. How many recruiters are actually posting in on this site? I doubt there is one recruiter or someone worthy to evaluate where someone will play in college.

    James is a good athlete and there aint no denying that, but he is being recruited as a QB. The word on the street is that North Carolina, NC State, FSU (and more) are all looking at him at QB. Some of you have gotten on here and posted about him not being able to throw the ball deep. Look, from where I sit in the stands every Friday night the kid don’t get a lot of help from his receivers. Give the kid some college receivers and I believe there would be no discussion. I’ve seen a ton of dropped passes from his receivers, and I’ve seen receivers not adjusting to the ball well when it is thrown deep. Give James some of those receivers that Smith has and I’ll put money on it that James has over 2,000 yards passing right now.

    Btw, I don’t know how accurate this is, because Page dont post their stats, but I’ve heard that James has over 1,000 rushing and over 1,000 passing. Yeah, this demonstrates a good athlete, but still passing over 1,000 yards when the team runs the majority of the time. I believe people try to get on here and pretend to know more than they do. Some of you posters are basing his passing off two or three games. Did y’all also know that the kid has 4 sophomores and one senior playing on the offensive line? Sometimes the line looks great, and sometimes you see their youth. I’ve watched the kid as a freshman and sophomore and the kid can throw.

    After next season is over when Page returns 18 starters back from this year’s team, then come talk to me about his passing game. The line will be much more improved, the running game should remain the same, and hopefully some of the good jv receivers that are playing now will add some more catches to that receiver corp. They just got to hang onto the ball when it hits their hands. So, with all this, you have your opinions and that is okay, but my opinion is that he’ll play QB on Saturdays.

  16. This time of the season the QB’s should be stepping up, no excuses. Summers last two games at QB are:

    Page vs. Smith
    2-11-36 yds 1 pick no passing td’s

    Page vs. S.Alamance
    9-20-152-1 pick no passing td’s

    Are these stats of a college QB or was this another result of bad receivers???

  17. No one is saying that James shouldn’t play QB or that he isn’t a great QB – but he has so many talents – he runs the ball a lot – and also plays D. Putnam has so far lead the JV to two undefeated seasons (two games to go this year) and has one heck of an arm on him. Don’t know his passing % but has to be high based on the games I have witnessed. Just saying maybe mixing it up a little with give Page even more talent to go the distance next year. I think using Summers and Putnam next year will allow Page coaches a lot of options on the field.

  18. James sure made up for it on the ground against Southern Alamance with 3 rushing touchdowns…..Had very solid game versus Dudley last year, I think the final was Dudley on top 20-14, at Dudley…Everyone is sure looking forward to tomorrow night’s game at Page…..

    Both coaching staffs upstairs will be busy making adjustments and coming up with plays/calls throughout the game….

  19. Lots of talent on your list. Some of the same names on your list will be popping up in a month or so with Basketball Season upcoming. Lots of two sport guys on the list. I wonder how hard it is to make that adjustment from Football to Basketball in just a couple of weeks time.

  20. Gentlemen,
    You can argue about whether or not Summers is a college QB or not forever, and I will not say another word about it after tonight; but he is not a major D1 QB. Now, he might be where the team runs the option like Ga. Tech/Navy and where they may throw 2-7 times per game, but I still feel that’s a stretch! The schools you mention may be talking to him and telling him all sorts of things, but they have no plans for him to be a QB in their programs. If he plays fb @ a major D1 institution, it will be somewhere in the defensive backfield or @ WR even as someone suggested.

  21. all of you guys are posting about a kid that some of you know nothing about. let this kid be a kid and enjoy his time playing ft ball. whatever he does or where ever he goes and plays ft ball is no business of ours. you including myself will have no say so in what college team he plays for or what position he plays in college. think, who are we to tell a college coach where he should play? hellooooooooo, they will decide that and i can bet you a million dollars none of us will be in on that decision. so let this kid have fun do his thing and just sit back and enjoy these great athletes like we did last year with allen and and the kid from dudley and a host of others that played in the triad last year. its a great thing to have this much talent in the triad and watch because some of these kids will be playing on saturdays and even sundays and then you want be able to see them up close and personal like we do now. so stop bashing and enjoy these kids talents while they are here.

  22. Speaking of the kid from Dudley (Amerson), I saw him playing against Florida State last night. So, he is playing safety for NC State as a true freshman. That is good stuff right there…

  23. Guys, there is not single D1QB playign Guilford County right now. Most of these kids will end up playign at small time programs, but not big time D1 programs. The Qb from PAge has a better chance of playign D1 because of the Zone Option offences, but some of the other QB’s will not get a chance to play. Maybe some will walk on, but not big-time scholarship offers. I heard about 3 years ago a young kids playing QB was a future D1 Qb, but he is a WR right now. All this is not to say that the kids playing QB in Guilford Co. are not good, but in my travels to other states and seeign High School games there, the kids here dont compare. The recruiters from the big programs are looking at big-time Qb’s at big time programs. The closest thing we have here is in Charlotte. Before I came here, I used to hear alot about Cummings and PAge, but they were the only ones.

  24. Thanks Oppenheimerfund, I will tell my friend on the list above that the 8 D1’S sending him information about the school is all BS and he should give up on his dream even though he has another year to play. Sorry, gotta throw the BS Flag on you my man. We do have the talent in Greensboro, Danny Obrien at Maryland is just the beginning.

  25. In kind of a novel and crazy idea, but it may have some real merit, why don’t we try and get Drew Adams and Derek Grant on at Elon as a package deal?

    Adams(High Point Central) has over 2,000 yards(2008) passing in 2010, his senior with the Bison and Grant(HPC) is at over 1,000 yards receiving with 10 TD’s….

    Am I crazy or is this a good idea? Who should I talk to get this campaign started, Pete Lembo?

    Willis is headed to Georgia Tech, Ebron to North Carolina, we do have some strong DI candidates haning out here in the county….Not all QB’s, but we have some…..Maurice Harris(Northern) headed to Cal too….Demari Boswell(Smith) is headed to the Naval Academy also….We may have others that I am missing…

    Reader at Grimsley(lineman) is a junior and he ought to be a DI prospect….Danny O’Brien was at East Forsyth, but that is close enough for our geographic purposes if we need an example of the home boys making it to the top of the ladder and DOB is at the top in the ACC, along with Amerson(Dudley) at State, Okoro(Dudley) at Wake, there’s Allen(Northern) at Cal, and Alston(Page) at Oregon…..Those ECU boys are doing OK too, with Lineback(SEG) starting at LB and D. Blacknall(Dudley) top of the depth chart at DB….

    Guilford County can give you some good DI one talent and some top-tier prospects….

    Do we have some more in the house? I know we have some young ones that might be ready to step and take the ball…..

    In basketball we have to remember to keep an eye on Jonathan Frye, down at DI Tulane this season…..

  26. “Football”, Who is your friend above? What are they sending him? Who are the teams? I mean no disrespect, but there is a big difference between schools sending out questionaires and schools having genuine interest. When someone comes to your home and talks to you specifically, or ask your coach, then that person can talk. .

    Andy, how big is Drew Adams? Colleges are looking for big QB’s. If he is under 6″0, then he had better be able to run. That is the reality in College Football today. However, that is not to say that a small QB can not make it. Take a look last evening at Russell Wilson. 5’11 and with a tremendous amount of heart. he was fantastic.

  27. Adams is right there at 6 foot…..He’s about the same height as Scott Riddle or comparable and he probably doesn’t match Riddle in weight, but Adams can and many times he has had to hit the ground running this season, in the HPC Bison offense….Adams leads HP Central in rushing with over 300 yards on the ground this season….That goes along with his 2008 yards passing and not a bad combo season for passing and rushing….

  28. See no mention of any Ragsdale kids, though they generally are left out of the hype. Heavner, Smith and others will be playing on Saturday. How about a package deal at Elon with Heavner, Romer and Smith. That sure looks better to me>

  29. I’m not completely sure about the right fit for the Ragsdale kids, but there will be many of them headed off to college somewhere….

    They probably want to go somewhere bigger, but I would love to see Barry Brown and at least one of those receivers at either Greensboro or Guilford College….Shouse, Romer, Stewart, Brown etc….

    Campbell and Pembroke State are looking at lot of our area kids, including Ragdale too, but to get the chance to play, I would say, Greensboro or Guilford would be a good fit….

    Guilford may be in the market for a new coach if the President gets a chance to study the current Win/Loss record….The “W’s” stand for wins and the “L’s” mean losses and the fans like “W’s” and the Quakers that don’t even realize that there is a game going on, over on Friendly Avenue and New Garden Road could care less, but there are some football fans who attend the games on regular basis who care and they want to see the team put a competitive 11 on the field and they want to win at least half of their games each season….They can live with (5-5), but do not strive to be (0-10)….(5-5) will keep you alive, but (0-10) that’s a sin, even to a die-hard Quaker………..

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