A different way to view things when entering the Duke Basketball Museum with Brian Allen…

A little different approach, as you enter the Duke Basketball Museum with Brian Allen, from www.associatedcontent.com…….

Here’s just the first floor below, of the new Duke Basketball Museum that Brian has created and you can CLICK HERE to visit all the exhibits on every floor of Brian’s virtual Blue Devil’s Den……

Relive the Rich Heritage of America’s Greatest College Basketball Program

Duke International Basketball Museum

Duke University is pleased to announce the grand opening of its Duke Basketball Museum. Come and enjoy authentic basketball history, including the following exhibits:

Christian’s Spectrum – view Christian Laettner’s historic 1992 Regional Final game winner against Kentucky in hi definition, over . . . and over . . . and over again! The Duke Museum is the only location that proudly replays the shot more times per day than CBS sports! Relive the emotions as we show you never before seen camera angles of Thomas Hill crying and dropping to the floor like a spastic moron. Listen as Christian pats himself on the back for catching, dribbling twice, and shooting over an eight-inch shorter defender.

New for 2010: eighteen digit electronic display continuously tracks the number of times this shot is replayed on national television!

Virtual flop machine – experience the feeling first hand! Our virtual flop machine allows you, the Duke fan, to step into the shoes of a true Blue Devil player doing what they do best. Simply fall down and listen with pride as a genuine game official’s whistle blows, followed by the sudden appearance of a mindless mannequin in black and white striped garb, with hand clasped behind head!

New for 2010! The Jon Scheyer offensive virtual flop machine. A simple concept — take a shot, extend leg, and fall down. Our offensive virtual flop machine then sounds the official’s whistle and automatically carries you to the free throw line. Incredibly authentic!

Coach K’s coaching tree – review photos and bios of the many disciples of Coach K who went on to head coaching positions. Try to guess the one K disciple who has managed to coach a program without being fired or resigning amid scandal! (Hint – he’s the one who did not play for Coach K. . .)