High School football games this week(“Wild Thing” theme in the Piedmont Triad 4-A?)

The games might end up being a bit wild and crazy this week, when you look at what might be taking place, if certain things fall in place or out of place…

Smith has the top spot in the Metro locked up and even if Page lost to Southeast Guilford, the Pirates would still have the #2 spot in the Metro, by virtue of their win over Dudley last Friday night…..Dudley should firm up the #3 spot, even if they were to lose to Grimsley, since Dudley defeated both SEG and Southern Alamance earlier in the season…..
#1 Smith
#2 Page
#3 Dudley and then it will get a bit wild with SEG looking to get in, and they could be the last team in the fold, unless something crazy happened with Southern Alamance and Smith….

The “Wild Thing” theme could be playing in the Piedmont Triad 4-A….This could get a little bit funky, before it is all said and done, or it could just go quietly into the night….

Northwest Guilford is done and they can do no worse than #2 coming out of this conference….But, if High Point Central beats Ragsdale and Glenn defeats East Forsyth, you could have NWG#1, Glenn#2, High Point Central#3 and then Ragsdale#4…..If Ragsdale tops High Point Central and East Forsyth takes care of Glenn, then you have #1Ragsdale, #2NWG, and then Central, Glenn and East Forsyth all tied up for #3, since Central beat East, Glenn beat Central and East would have topped Glenn…..Glenn beat both Ragsdale and HPC…..

Southwest Guilford is still in the playoff hunt, with win Friday night over WS Parkland…The SWG win over Parkland would put the Cowboys at (6-5) overall and that should get them in the 4-A roundup….

Back to those scenarios…..If Central beats Ragsdale and Glenn tops East Forsyth you then have:
3)High Point Central
5)East Forsyth
7)WS Parkland…..

If Ragsdale knocks off Central at home in Jamestown and East holds off Glenn at in Kernersville, then you have:
3)East Forsyth
Glenn……All three at (3-3)
High Point Central
6) and 7)SWG or Parkland……

This could get pretty wild over there in the Piedmont Triad 4-A…..

In the Mid-State 3-A, it will be Northern Guilford and Western Alamance settling it all down in Elon at WA with, NG(6-0) and WA(6-0)…..Winner is #1….Loser is #2….

Northeast Guilford has the Mid-Piedmont 3-A locked up and the Rams could go ahead and go unbeaten in the Conference again(5-0), with a win at Ledford….Southern Guilford can wrap up the Mid-Piedmont #2 spot with a victory at Asheboro……NEG#1 and SG#2, would be a nice way to close out the regular season….

High Point Andrews will host (1-9) Wheatmore and the Raiders should pin down #2 in the PAC 6 2-A Conference with a win over the Wheat Thrashers….WS Carver#1 at (5-0) and Andrews #2 at (4-1)……

The full slate of games for this week:
High Point Central at Ragsdale
Northern Guilford at Western Alamance
Page at Southeast Guilford
Grimsley at Dudley
WS Parkland at Southwest Guilford
Smith at Southern Alamance
Northeast Guilford at Ledford
Southern Guilford at Asheboro
Eastern Guilford at McMichael
Wheatmore at High Point Andrews

Northwest Guilford [OPEN]
Western Guilford [OPEN]


  1. FYI,

    NW Guiford will be a #1 coming out of the Piedmont because they go 4AA with E.Forsyth while every other team in the piedmont 4A will go small 4A in the playoffs. Their Conference record will be the same as Ragsdale’s if the tigers win at 5-1. No matter the outcome of Friday Night HPC, Ragsdale game NW is treated as though they are conference champs out of the Piedmont……So Friday has no playoff meaning for the Vikings.

  2. Yeah I read that on another site as well Tigers fan…..this is what TDM says is Ragsdale beats HP Central Friday night…..

    “Yeah, they (NW) tied for 1st but lost the head to head. But, since Ragsdale will be 4A and NW Guilford will be 4AA, NW Guilford is considered a 1 seed as well. If 2 teams tie for 1st and go to seperate divisions both will be seeded as number 1s.”

  3. That makes this even wilder…..Ragsdale would be the Conference Champ since they beat NWG in the head-to-head, but both teams could still be #1’s in the playoffs…..

    Who would get the Conference Champions Trophy?

    I wonder what High Point Central has to say about all of this and if they want to ensure that Northwest gets that outright #1 position….NWG beat HPC and Ragsdale beat NWG, will HPC beat Ragsdale to make this still a wild and crazy ending…..

    I want to see NWG vs. Page in Round One of the NCHSAA playoffs and I want to see who gets the higher seed, so we know who the home team will be…….With the new POD system they are seeking to make the trips shorter and more economical…..

    Page at NWG or NWG at Page in Round One?????

  4. The pressure is on Ragsdale this week. Both QB’s will have to deal with the wind, not sure who throws a better ball in windy conditions. Might come down to the running game. I have to go with Adams and HPC in this one, Adams finds the end zone either passing or running it in, Heavner moves his team close but comes up short. HPC 28-21 over Ragsdale.

  5. Andy,

    This is how TDM has in playing out next week…..It is subject to change this Friday Night depending on how the last week turns out.

    4AA East

    2. Leesville Road (10-0) vs 16. Athens Drive (5-5)
    9. WF Rolesville (8-2) vs 11. Laney (6-4)
    7. Wakefield (9-1) vs 14. Broughton (6-4)
    3. Garner (9-1) vs 15. Millbrook (6-4)

    4AA Mideast

    1. Richmond (10-0) vs 13. Jordan (7-3)
    6. Lumberton (9-1) vs 8. Cary (9-1)
    5. Britt (9-1) vs 10. Middle Creek (8-2)
    4. Fuquay-Varina (9-1) vs 12. Panther Creek (8-2)

    4AA Midwest

    2. Butler (10-0) vs 15. E.Forsyth (5-5)
    6. Vance (8-2) vs 7. Providence (7-3)
    5. Page (9-1) vs 9. Davie (5-5)
    3. NW Guilford (8-2) vs 11. W.Forsyth (7-3)

    4AA West

    1. Mallard Creek (10-0) vs 16. Myers Park (5-5)
    10. S.Caldwell (8-2) vs 12. Hopewell (7-3)
    8. Ardrey Kell (6-4) vs 13. S.Meck (7-3)
    4. Olympic (6-4) vs 14. Garinger (6-4)

  6. Believe Ragsdale only lost 4 games in 4 years (3 to Dudley). Glenn was the first loss in 4 years to any school not named Dudley.

    3 of the 4 losses on the road.

    So I think Dudley is the only team to win at Ragsdale in 4 years.

    Even though Ragsdale didn’t look good against Glenn, I take the home team on senior night.

    Either way, should be a big crowd and great job Coach. I’ll take that kind of 4 year record any day!

  7. Heck yeah….I would love to see a 2nd round Page @ NW Guilford game! Hopefully if it works out this way both teams can win their 1st round games!

  8. We may have just missed it from last week, but it was interesting, where starting QB Levert Butchee was dismissed from the Reidsville Rams team, prior to their 50-23 loss on Friday night to Eastern Randolph….

    Coach Doug Robertson, I think it is for Reidsville, said this definitely had an effect on his team and effected the outcome of the ER-Reidsville contest….

    QB Butchee was let go, due to conduct detrimental to the team….

  9. Not Going to Happen – How’s that spelling class coming along, want happen? Cause ifen it did weewouldof won it. Hope your not the QB for page.

  10. This is how TDM has the 4A matching up…..Subject to change after this week.

    4A East

    2. New Bern (10-0) vs 15. EE Smith (6-4)
    6. S.Durham (5-5) vs 9. Clayton (6-4)
    5. New Hanover (7-3) vs 11. Rose (6-4)
    4. SE Raleigh (8-2) vs 14. Harnett Central (6-4)

    4A Mideast

    1. Hillside (10-0) vs 16. SE Guilford (6-4)
    8. Terry Sanford (6-4) vs 10. N.Durham (5-5)
    7. Scotland (7-3) vs 12. Swett (6-4)
    3. Seventy-First (10-0) vs 13. Lee (6-4)

    4A Midwest

    2. Ben L Smith (10-0) vs 16. SW Guilford (5-5)
    7. N.Davidson (9-1) vs 9. Dudley (8-2)
    5. Ragsdale (9-1) vs 11. Glenn (4-6)
    3. Mt.Tabor (10-0) vs 12. HP Central (7-3)

    4A West

    1. AC Reynolds (10-0) vs 15. TC Roberson (5-5)
    8. Sun Valley (9-1) vs 10. Mooresville (8-2)
    6. Alexander Central (8-2) vs 13. W.Charlotte (6-4)
    4. Porter Ridge (10-0) vs 14. E.Gaston (5-5)

  11. For Page and NWG, Friday does matter because while they will treated as conf. champs, a loss will impact their record and most likely their seed. Home games are not guaranteed in 4AA. Also, I do not think for a minute that NWGprojected 8-2) will get a higher seed than Page (projected 9-1). Granted that both win on Friday, I see both hosting in the first-round and then clashing at Page in the second. NCHSAA wants money and Page’s stadium can house more (especially on the visitor’s side) people than NWG’s. Count on money affecting the seeds somewhat. With that said, Good luck to the Pirates and Vikings on Friday!

  12. Maybe our coaches don’t know what they’re talking about (not), but my understanding is that no matter what transpires Friday night between Ragsdale vs Central, NW will either win conference outright or TIE w/ Ragsdale! There won’t be any of this well, Ragsdale beat NW so they win conference stuff! I know, yes, Ragsdale beat NW, but NW beat Glenn, so everyone needs to get a grip & accept that NW will be Piedmont-Triad Conference champs or co-champs! Our guys & coaches have worked hard these past 2 years to put our program in competitive status & we’re there!! I know it’s hard for some of you to accept that the VIKINGS ARE THE REAL DEAL!! Also, according to other sites, we are absolutely gauranteed a 1st round home field because we won or tied for conference since Ragsdale is 4A & we’re 4AA & Page finished 2nd in conference. So to all you Page fans, we would love to see you guys in the 2nd round! Not because I think you’d beat us in the 1st, but because I’d like Page to get 1 playoff win before we beat ya! Our “young guns” have wanted to play Page since both JV teams went undefeated last year & many of those kids are now major varsity contributors this year!! Don’t get me wrong, I respect Page’s program & their kids, but I do believe our kids can beat ’em! So don’t get your hopes up for a NW @ Page matchup. We’ll welcome you to the Vikings turf, however! Too bad our new stadium won’t be ready until next year, but we can handle the crowd just fine this year!! On a side note, every one of NW’s fall teams won conference this year! Wow! Congrats to all our student-athletes. With Ralph Kitley (WFU Basketball) @ the helm, I expect our student-athletes to continue to thrive both on & off the field/court/track for years to come! Good luck Page JV! Hope you guys get the win & undefeated season! Stay Strong Vikings!

  13. @ NW #1 FAN

    I’m happy for the Viking claiming a share of the Piedmont Triad 4-A conference, but when it comes to playoffs, Ragsdale is #1, NW is #2 regardless of 4-A or 4-AA. NWG should get a top 7 seed and host at least one game. Page will need to win Friday to guarantee a home game next week. But when it comes to playoffs and seeding, Page (granted they win Friday) will be designated the “conf. champs” since they are the 4-AA school from the conference with the best record. (9-1) beats (8-2) regardless of who is technically the conf. champs so don’t count on that playing a factor. Both should host a home game before clashing and I cannot see the NCHSAA giving NW a higher seed (Page beat Dudley who beat Northern who beat NWG, both lost to Ragsdale, Page played projected (10-0) Smith), but we’ll see. Should be a good postseason, and may the best team win should the Pirates and Vikings meet.

  14. sorry Pirate fan but you are absolutely incorrect.

    Like the system or not – it is what it is.

    NWG is already GUARANTEED a first place seed in 4AA. Page can do no better than a second place seed in 4AA. Records take a back seat to conference finish.

    For example – Glenn just might get in as a SECOND place seed with a 4-6 record. Dudley will likely get in as a third place seed with an 8-2 record. But that 8-2 record for Dudley wouldn’t put them ahead of Glenn.

    If the pairings end up as expected and NWG and Page both win first round games then Page will be playing AT NWG in round two. That is a stone cold lock.

  15. Ok. you are right mark. I thought it was based on record, but being 2 years removed from high school and its athletics, it’s easy to miss on some of this stuff. That definitely explains why (7-4)Page (1st in Metro) hosted (9-2)Independence (2nd in SW) a few years ago. I’m still upset at that playoff draw, but the system is what it is. If Page and NWG meet, may the best team win out there at NW’s stadium.

  16. nwg you dont want any of page. to all your die nwg fans wake up , smith smashed you like a drum and your conf is weak. you smelling yourself right now . i know you are glad you are not playing richmond county again thats was a lost before the game is even played. now what you need to do is think about getting out of the first round and stop looking ahead before you look up and find yourself at page watching them play. so sit down be quiet enjoy your week off and pray you dont get a very good team coming in and giving you a lost first round. hey want happen no that was not the qb that wrote that see those kids are smart over at page the saying is watch what you say you could be working for them one day.

  17. If you read the NCHSAA handbook on tie breaking procedures, if Ragsdale wins they are the #1 seed and NWG is #2. It is based upon head to head competition. NWG would go in as a 2 seed not a 1. What you guys are talking about only applys to split conferences. This is what the handbook states.

  18. Jus to follow up, from page 126 in NCHSAA handbook, “If two or more teams have equal conference percentages at the end of the season, the team that has the edge in head to head competition will get the higher place in the standings.” Of course if Ragsdale loses this does not matter. The only way 2 teams from a conference can both get #1 seeds is if it is a split conference, 4A/3A etc.

  19. True I know…..But if one team goes into the 4A and one goes into the 4AA and they have the same record they are both rewarded the #1 seed. There is no head to head if they are both not going into the same playoff classification.

  20. ‘I know2’ you are correct. The head-to-head only comes into play when the teams are going into the same playoff classification.

  21. Doesn’t Matter, HPC will win this game and Ragsdale’s reign at the top is over. NW will be the new Powerhouse Team in the Piedmont 4a conference. They will also dominate in Basketball this year and will take Conference there as well. Sorry, just the way it is, the power shift has begun.

  22. I am glad to see alot of hype going into the 4A/ 4AA talk. What about the area 3A/ 3AA talk? Is there anybody in the area that is headed to the playoffs in the 3AA classification…….Why do we have split conferences? sounds ubsurd to me….

  23. Here’s a look at TDM’s 3AA playoff projections……Subject to change after Friday Night!

    3AA East

    2. S.Nash (9-1) vs 15. Nash Central (4-6)
    7. Hunt (9-1) vs 11. N.Nash (8-2)
    6. Triton (8-2) vs 12. W.Brunswick (5-5)
    5. South Central (8-2) vs 14. DH Conley (4-6)

    3AA Mideast

    1. N.Guilford (10-0) vs 16. Westover (4-6)
    8. W.Alamance (8-2) vs 9. Overhills (5-5)
    4. Cardinal Gibbons (9-1) vs 10. Byrd (8-2)
    3. Grays Creek (9-1) vs 13. Chapel Hill (5-5)

    3AA Midwest

    1. Catholic (10-0) vs 16. Asheboro (4-6)
    10. N.Forsyth (4-6) vs 11. Marvin Ridge (7-3)
    5. Weddington ((8-2) vs 12. SW Randolph (6-4)
    3. AL Brown (9-1) vs 13. Hickory Ridge (5-5)

    3AA West

    2. Erwin (9-1) vs 15. Forestview (4-6)
    7. South Point (7-3) vs 8. Statesville (7-3)
    6. Freedom (9-1) vs 9. Kings Mt. (7-3)
    4. Crest (8-2) vs 14. Ashbrook (4-6)

  24. Here’s a look at TDM’s 3A playoff projection………Subject to change after Friday Night!

    3A East

    1. S.Brunswick (9-1) vs 16. Currituck (3-7)
    4. E.Wayne (8-2) vs 9. W.Carteret (8-2)
    3. Havelock (8-2) vs 12. Washington (5-5)
    2. Hertford (8-2) vs 14. CB Aycock (4-6)

    3A Mideast

    5. NE Guilford (7-3) vs 15. S.Wayne (4-6)
    8. E.Alamance (8-2) vs 10. S.Johnston (7-3)
    7. S.Vance (6-4) vs 11. Webb (6-4)
    6. S.Guilford (8-2) vs 13. Rockingham (5-5)

    3A Midwest

    2. W.Rowan (10-0) vs 16. Harding (4-6)
    7. Cox Mill (8-2) vs 11. W.Iredell (6-4)
    6. Jesse Carson (8-2) vs 12. NW Cabarrus (5-5)
    5. Concord (8-2) vs 15. Hickory (4-6)

    3A West

    1. Hibriten (10-0) vs 14. W.Henderson (4-6)
    8. Asheville (7-3) vs 9. Tuscola (7-3)
    4. E.Henderson (9-1) vs 10. Franklin (7-3)
    3. Burns (10-0) vs 13. Patton (5-5)

  25. Getting confused. According to Dr. Pasteur though, Northwest’s projected #2 finish would be factored in the seedings. This man works on this stuff a lot of this stuff. If he is right (which he very often is) on NWG’s #2 finish, the NCHSAA can do whatever with the #2’s so NW (and Page) can be anywhere from #3 through #7 overall. With that said, Page @ NW is NOT a stone cold lock like I was led to believe earlier. I will say that a W for Page will give them a higher seed than an L. Friday does matter.

  26. NWG Who
    As the old saying goes don’t let your mouth overload your ___. You evidently need to spend more time in the classroom as less time on this blog according to your spelling and grammar. believe me NW is for real they play one of the toughest schedules around and the only team to really really beat them was Smith and the last time I checked Smith has beat everybody. NW has one of the most talented Defenses and one of the most explosive offenses in the area. That would explain the best record in School history and possibly the first conference championship since ’87. Go ahead and run your mouth NW will shut it for you if we get a chance to play the pirates in the playoffs. Believe Me when I say the
    VIKINGS are 4 Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal

  27. what did it take 5 years for you to be 4 real? your ft ball team is ok not great but ok. so after 1 year you guys are the big ft ball team on the block? give us all a break nwg is glad to be able to compete on a level that you are not use to. when you win some i repeat some championships whether its 10-15 years ago or whenever then you can talk about being good and not just for the year. wake up nwg no 1 is scared of yall. to some you are just bump in the road . you dont have a dog in the fight.

  28. Just look at what the NWG football staff has done in the 4 years there. Their JV program has the last two seasons as undefeated. Their varsity program has progressively won each year. They are not yet a POWER HOUSE, but I believe the facts lead us to believe that Coach Woodruff and his staff are doing something right at NWG. If the facts are correct, then the future looks bright.

  29. It aint the dog in the fight it’s the fight in the dog that matter’s.
    Nobody is caliming NW is a football powerhouse, but they have improved over the pasrt 4 years. Sounds like you might be sceeered of what they might do in the playoffs.
    One thing about they play with who they got no recruiting here, no 5th yr seniors\
    and no superstars. Just a bunch of good ole, hard nose football player who love the game.

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