Guilford County HS Football Poll as we move on into Week #12

Guilford County HS Football Poll

1) Smith(10-0)
2) Northern Guilford(9-1)
3) TIE Ragsdale(8-2)/Page(8-2)
5) Northwest Guilford(8-3)
6) Northeast Guilford(6-3)
7) Dudley(7-3)
8] High Point Central(7-3)
9) Southeast Guilford(6-4)
10) Southern Guilford(7-3)
11) High Point Andrews(6-4)
12) Southwest Guilford(5-5)
13) Western Guilford(2-9)
14) Eastern Guilford(2-8)
15) Grimsley(1-9)

*****Notes on the Poll*****
Smith as you can see is still the only unbeaten we have in Guilford County, other than the Page and Northwest Guilford JV’s and the Eastern and Kernodle Middle Schools…..Northern Guilford still has just that one loss and it came by just one point to Dudley, way back in August….Ragsdale also lost to Dudley early on and then fell big to Glenn last Friday night….Page got beat by #1 Smith and lost to Ragdale by three points, on a last second field goal and now the two stand tied, at (8-2)….Northwest lost big to Smith, but dropped close games to Northern and Ragsdale…..Northeast has been winning and doing a super job to lock down their conference, but how tough is that competition? Dudley dropped two games in early to mid-season, but they did not look all that great at Page last Friday night….High Point Central lost to #1 Smith in OT, went down in a tight one with NWG and then Glenn gave it to the Bison on the chin again, two weeks back…The real probing question is should Southern be ranked ahead of Southeast Guilford? The Falcons beat SG earlier in the year, but the Storm has been building in recent weeks….Now can SEG fill ‘er up again with Mike Fields here late in the year and get a round trip ticket, with a win over Page on Friday night….High Point Andrews topped SWG, 16-3, to settle their two spots in the standings….

The rest is almost history and we will probably cut our poll down to a Top Ten, or just go with the teams that are still in the playoffs next week…..

+++++The teams that seem to be playing at the highest level right now at this late stage of the year appear to be; Smith, Northern Guilford, Northwest Guilford and Southern Guilford…..+++++


  1. Thanks, I was still doing some editing…The first time I did the poll today, the computer ate the whole load for breakfast and I had to go back and do a re-cut….

    I had to re-cut the poll…..I felt like chopping down the computer, but we have the poll back in place now and it pays to save your work a little bit at a time when you are doing these posts, but then again, you never know….

    Hopefully now we are back on overload….

  2. What really matters here is that we need one of our local teams to go ALL THE WAY and win State for a change. All this talk about who should be in what order in this pole is nonsense. What team will have the best chance to advance. What team has the best Defense and balanced offense that can throw different looks at their opponenets. The sleeper team has to be NW. They lost by 1 too Northern and 3 to Ragsdale. Turnovers killed the vikings against smith and they took them lightly (lesson learned). NW has a great opportunity this year to advance well into the playoffs and it appears they can be competitive with any team.

  3. What really matters,
    Think this area has won a state championsip just about every year for a long time! Do a little more research before you show your ignorance… and oh by the way, NW will get smacked in the playoffs, GUARANTEED!!

  4. Yeah I have to agree with Mike. I could’ve swore Dudley won Back-to-Back Championships not too long ago and almost 3 in a row!

  5. 1) Smith(10-0)
    2) Northern Guilford(9-1)
    3) Page(8-2)
    4) Northwest Guilford(8-3)
    5) High Point Central(7-3)
    6) Dudley(7-3)
    7) Ragsdale(8-2)
    8]Northeast Guilford (6-3)
    9)High Point Andrews(6-4)
    10) Southeast Guilford(6-4)
    11) Southern Gulford(7-3)
    12) Southwest Guilford(5-5)
    13) Western Guilford(2-9)
    14) Eastern Guilford(2-8)
    15) Grimsley(1-9)

  6. 3 from Guilford County made the 2010 Shrine Bowl Team

    1.Eric Ebron Smith
    2.Damarcus Bell Dudley
    3.Alex Pauley NW Guilford

    Congratulations to theses young men!!

  7. Easy Mike,

    I don’t know if NW can go all the way, but as far as getting smacked. I think they will make a run at it. They are solid on defense and have several offensive weapons and some speed.
    They will be fun to watch. Good luck to all the area teams making a bid for the state championship.

  8. woahhh i hate haters, mike you is lame as hellz. nw is legit i doubt they will go all the distance but they aint gunna get smacked..

    stop hatin!!!!!

  9. yo the vikings are co-conf champs and possibly outright w a ragsdale loss toinght. how would a conf champioship team get smacked in the playoffs? coach woodruff is a very good coach. his teams havnt been smacked in the last 3 years minus the smith game. 1 blow out in 3 years… not bad vikings prove this lame mike dude wrng and pleaseeeeeeeeee stop hatinnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

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