75-7 and Coach Russell Stone gets rocked(The Boot)

from www.news-record.com:

Coach Russell Stone used to be the head man over at West Forsyth and he may be the man that took the Titans to the 4-A State Championship game versus the Richmond County Raiders back in the early 90’s…..Not sure if it was Kennard Martin, that was with that team as the RB and later ended up at UNC(Martin may have been at WS Parkland), but Coach Russell Stone was at West Forsyth and I’m sure he can “Remember the Titans”….

Douglas Byrd High School football coach Russell Stone has been suspended from coaching tonight’s final regular-season game at Cameron Union Pines.

Stone said he was suspended by Leon Mack, student activities director for the Cumberland County Schools, for running up the score in last week’s game against Southern Lee. Byrd won the game 75-7.

Mack declined to comment on the suspension, saying he could not discuss personnel matters.

The reaction of Southern Lee coach Tom Paris was one of surprise: “You’re kidding?”

Paris said he and Stone shook hands after the game and that he didn’t say a word to Stone about the score.

“We got beat,” Paris said. “It doesn’t matter to me if you get beat by seven or 70. A loss is a loss. I hadn’t said a word to anybody, and I don’t know what to say about this.”

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  1. So why hasn’t Johnny Roscoe been suspended? He’s ran up scores. He on side kicked against NE with a big lead. Why hasn’t he been suspended?

  2. We’ve been hearing nothing but good things lately, about the job Coach Roscoe is doing…..

    Any gripes or complaints must go to GC AD Hibbard…

  3. Richmond County beat West Forsyth 9-7 for the 4-A State Championship in 1990….

    West Forsyth topped Greensboro Page 23-16 in the semifinals….Page defeated Grimsley the week before that in the quarterfinals to earn the right to face West Forsyth….

    Always a lot of local connections….

    These days Richmond County and West Forsyth would be in the same West bracket, back in 1990, it was a different story.

  4. I think Tim Tebo said it best as a QB at Florida. Our offensive coaches coach us to score points and to put as many points as we can before the end of the game. Their defensive coaches should coach them to stop us from scoring points…..

    Agreed that it may be a little classless to put that many points on the board, but to be suspended for it…..rediculous

  5. No Fball – the bigger question is why was Coach stone suspended? When it come to high school sporting events one of my biggest pet peeves is whiny ass fans and coaches complaining about the beating they took. If you don’t want to get beat – by whatever the margin may be then you have two choices

    get better

    get out

  6. The losing team has struggled on defense all season.
    This is nothing new just the fact that over 70 points were scored.
    Another game 63 points were given up.
    The coach offered no excuses or complaints.
    Someone in the Cumberlin County Office does not have enough to do besides worry about how many points are scored in a high school football game.

  7. Coach also did not even start his starters. He put his starters in late but they didnt even play that much, maybe even just a series just to keep them sharp for the next week and playoffs. So. Lee gave up big points to Jack Britt as well and Jack Britt is in Cumberland County and nothing was said to their coach. Offense’s job is to score and defense’s job is to stop scoring. If they got beat and the coach had nothing to say, then Coach Stone should be coaching tonight!

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