HS Football Tonight for 11/5/2010

We will have the traveling road show over in Jamestown this evening, for the High Point Central-Ragsdale game and it will be Senior Night for the Tigers……We will also have updates on the other games in the area/county, with Northern at Western Alamance, Page at SEG, Grimsley at Dudley, WS Parkland at SWG, Smith at Southern Alamance, Eastern Guilford at McMichael and more, we hope….

Air time for the radio is 6:45pm, with the 7:30 kickoff and we should have the scores rolling in at about 7:35-7:40ish, depending on who gets on the board first….Who will be the first team to score tonight? That would make an interesting contest question…..Game will be on AM950 radio and at wpetam950.com….That gives you two ways to pick it up and we hope you do and you can use your phone to CLICK ON the site, all night, to get the scores…. Don Moore will be at the Greensborosports.com Sports Desk, posting those scores as they come in…..The Sports Desk will remain open LIVE until around 1am on Saturday morning and then re-open at around 9:30 LIVE on Saturday morning, as we get ready to bring you the Playoff Pairings on Saturday, as they come in from NCHSAA.org….

This site is your spot for all the info and action throughout the playoffs and we have the manpower to keep you informed, all the way till the final whistle….We just hope the final whistle comes from one our HS referees and not from one of our local law enforcement agents/officers…….

We have been at this game for many years and as far as I know, I am the only man still covering this game today, that grew up and played this game on local soil and still plays it today on local soil….We are the stop and why go anywhere else when you can get everything right here from us?????

You want the best, this is it and here are your games for tonight, coming soon, bear with me a second, I’m on a roll…..I still say I coiuld start for any team in the county tonight on defense and I would be among the top two tacklers on the team, no matter who we are playing….I would also set a new Guilford County record for late hits and would be dismissed from the team right after the game for conduct detrimental to the high school, but hey, you got do what you have to do, to survive…..Can’t wait for basketball season to get going, so I can break some of those three-point shooting records and set some new standards for fouls committed in the first quarter of the game….

You have to love these games and the chance to be right in the middle of them and as it was told to me many years ago, “You have to leave your mark and we will”…..

Good luck to all tonight and enjoy those Senior Night festivities…..

The games, the games, PLEASE!!!!!
High Point Central at Ragsdale [RAGSDALE]
Northern Guilford at Western Alamance [NORTHERN]
Page at Southeast Guilford [PAGE]
Grimsley at Dudley [DUDLEY]
WS Parkland at Southwest Guilford [SOUTHWEST]
Smith at Southern Alamance [SMITH]
Northeast Guilford at Ledford [NORTHEAST]
Southern Guilford at Asheboro [SOUTHERN]
Eastern Guilford at McMichael [EASTERN]
Wheatmore at High Point Andrews [ANDREWS]

Northwest Guilford [OPEN]
Western Guilford [OPEN]


  1. smash and dash will be reunited once again as Demetrius McCorkle is back for the Dudley Panthers… He will be making his debut for the 2010 season tonight against the whirlies and should give dudley one of thier homerun hitters back. expect to see him line up everewhere on the field . mycah gaylord(smash) and mccorkle(dash) are one heck of a one-two pounch.. mccorkle is back after dislocating his hip in the panthers scrimmage against eastern alamance on the very first play. doctors expected him to be out 6-8 weeks and Dudley has kept him out as a precaution until tonight. ..seen him practice this week… he looks good and looks ready to go!!! cant wait to see that lil #5 back on the field

  2. Saw McCorkle playing for the Panthers last year and he gave a load of support to JR Peterson and Mycah Gaylord….Down the stretch in the playoffs, McCorkle was a key sparkplug in the Dudley offensive backfield….I remember in his early time, he was lining up some as a QB, but he really came into his own as a RB and the kid has speed to burn….

    Good to hear that he is back and will Reynolds return any time soon at DB/WR……

    Always good to see Brandon Burkes along the Dudley sidelines and we know he will be there again tonight and it is great to see him coming around….

    Good tonight too to #43 who used to be #51, Joseph Level….Hope he has another bib game for the ‘Cats and lets hope all the Levels have a big Senior Night at Tarpley Stadium with Joe Jr., Josh, Jeremiah, Shonda, and the entire team….

    Good luck to Gaylord, Dick, Bell, Jones, Brown, Neal, Littlejohn, etc. tonight and the whole crew on their Senior Night…..Kevin Littlejohn, a “Big Man” in that defensive backfield……

  3. not sure about reynolds…. he is coming along after his surgery…original diagnosis was that he was out for the season… he said the other day that if the panthers make a little run in the playoffs he might have a chance of returning…

  4. I agree with your picks except for your huge miss on SEG tonight. No pirates will be welcomed into the Falcon nest tonight!!! Buck is closing the store at 6:30 so he can get to the game on time.

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