4-AA Brackets with Page-West Forsyth and NWG-Scotland County….

With a win, Page would face Matthews Butler in Round Two and NWG would meet Richmond County again….

2010 – 4AA Football
#1 (2) Wake Forest – Rolesville 9-1
#8 (16) Millbrook 6-4
#4 (9) Laney 6-4
#5 (10) Wakefield 9-1
#3 (5) Leesville Road 9-1
#6 (13) Middle Creek 8-2
#2 (3) Garner 9-1
#7 (15) Broughton 6-4
#1 (1) Seventy-First 10-0
#8 (14) Jordan 7-3
#4 (7) Jack Britt 9-1
#5 (8) Lumberton 8-2
#3 (6) Fuquay-Varina 9-1
#6 (11) Cary 8-2
#2 (4) Panther Creek 9-1
#7 (12) South View 4-6

#1 (2) Richmond Senior 10-0
#8 (16) Providence 5-5
#4 (5) Northwest Guilford 8-2
#5 (9) Scotland County 7-3

#3 (4) Page 9-1
#6 (13) West Forsyth 7-3
#2 (3) Butler 10-0
#7 (14) East Forsyth 6-4

#1 (1) Mallard Creek 10-0
#8 (15) Olympic 6-4
#4 (8) Ardrey Kell 7-3
#5 (10) South Mecklenburg 7-3
#3 (7) Vance 9-1
#6 (11) South Caldwell 8-2
#2 (6) Garinger 7-3
#7 (12) Hopewell 7-3


  1. Wow! Pod system worked great for Page & Northwest! How does Richmond, Scotland and Butler end up in our pod?

  2. Great competition. Butler, Richmond, Mallard Creek all the best. We will see how NW and Page advance. If they both get past the first round, NW will play Richmond again, Page will play Butler. No way either team gets blown out this year. Both games will be exciting to watch and if your going to advance in this new season, why not play the best so there is no question in anyones mind that you played the BEST teams. Good luck to Page and NW, one game at a time.

  3. It looks like the POD system was created not to save $ but to make $ If you look real close it appears the NCHSAA tried to position some teams who are rivals to eventually play each other in the 2nd and 3rd round. Therefore producing a huge crowd and even bigger gate.
    And as always some teams are always going to get the best scenarios as in the past. Not to say there is anything political about this whole process but let’s be honest it sure appears that way.
    Good luck to all the area teams no matter who you play, any given Friday strange things
    can happen.

  4. NW will get SMACKED, i called it earlier, not picking on them, they just always face the POWER HOUSES in 1st or 2nd rd! GL to you boys, prove me wrong!!

  5. I wouldn’t be so sure about that Jason. Page’s defense (the last 3 games) has steadily improved and if I were a betting woman, at this point in the playoffs, the only sure way I’d win is to keep my money in my pocket–especially in the first round.

    We can use the stats as a slight factor but in doing so, didja see what happened to Smith on Friday night? If not, what about HPC a few weeks ago.

    I’m not underestimating ANY team at this point. I’m just ready to take the notch up on some exciting football this Friday night.

  6. AS the News and Record stated on Friday in a wonderfully written article it has been a
    great year for NW. A school not known for it’s football tradition NW has an 8-3 overall record and 5-1 in the conference and tied for conference champs. This truly is a special group of young men who play with a lot of heart. AS a parent I have enjoyed watching these young men play each and every Friday night this season. AS NW host it’s first ever 1st round playoff game I will once again look forward to watching them play. No matter if they win or l0se, one and done as some have predicted or should they shock the entire state and win the State Championship I will PROUDLY be rooting them on. I am proud to be part of the NW Vikings a team with Heart and Integrity.

    Good Luck Vikings

  7. First ever first round playoff game????? NW High School opened in 1963 along with NE and SE. That is either an immensely erroneous statement or an immensely sad fact.

    If I were a NW fan, I would also beg to differ about the statement that the article was “wonderfully written”. I understand Ed Hardin’s intention to give the coach the majority of the credit for the team’s turnaround but to clearly diminish the athletic abilities of the players and fully credit the Wing-T system is not a wonderul way to entice college coaches to come calling. Saying that speed and size never show up at NW Guilford is not a novel idea for a future recruiting tool. There’s nothing that draws a college recruiters attention more than small, slow, intelligent boys “scheming” you.

    If I were a NW fan, Mr. Hardin’s message board would be lit up.

  8. I say Page has a better chance of getting to the 2nd rnd than NW does but the Pirates will be walking the plank when they see Butler……….Arrrrgggghhhhh

  9. a high school coach talking all about himself and his sytem Huuuuummm, sounds like he is planting seeds and no one would blame him Woodruff has done the most with less for all his years at Northwest, the proof is in the system.

  10. I read the article in the News and Record and thought it was a great article.
    Maybe it was boring to some because there was no recruiting violations, the coach didn’t run up the score and it wasn’t about some superstar athlete who was going out west to play college football. It was about a team and coach who have been successful and doing it the right way. Yeah not much you can do with that I guess, just a good success story. And as far as the recruiting at least when the recruiters come to NW and they do come, they will
    find plenty of talent and the GPA to go with it.
    Good Story, Good Coach and a Great Team

  11. Yes, it a system being ran at NW. If I’m correct, most successful programs run a system. Successful programs don’t go changing what they do year-to-year, and that is what NW is striving to become, a ‘successful program.’ At NW the system just happens to be the Wing-T. It may not be fancy but let me see, if I am correct, NW is averaging 30+ points a game this year. The most points scored in the past seven years.

    Lack of speed and the big play threat has been a problem at NW some years but not this year, and if you’ve watched their program (JV’s included) over the last few years you have seen an increase in overall team speed that will carry on for several more years. Plays over 40+ yards didn’t happen very often in the past. There has been a lot of them this year.

    I don’t want to slight our defense either because they are holding teams to 16.5 points per game. The second lowest total amount of points given up in the last seven years. Just about every team we play runs a spread, so if you’re holding them to that low of a point total, you must have some team speed.

    On the Academic side, there’s not any special programs at NW that we can use to attract students, so Coach Woodruff has to work with the players that live in the district. Our team is made up of talented young men who are succeeding on the field this year, and most of them are extremely successful in the classroom as well.

    We are proud of your accomplishments on and off the field. Good Luck Vikings!!!

  12. I remember Northwest Guilford back to the days when they had guys like Bobby Joyner, Jack Southern and Dennis Cole and then on to the time frame with Rusty Larue and now they have stepped their game up to a new higher level and they even lost one of their key coaches, Coach Simmons, I think it was, in the off-season when he got that head coaching job….

    NWG has come a very long and good job Vikings and good luck in the playoffs…..

    Both NWG and Page have to focus on Round One games, but I wonder who would have the tougher opponent in Round Two? NWG with Richmond County or Page with Butler….Butler lost their top runningback last week when he quit the team after killing a motorcycle driver in car accident, but the Butler Bulldogs still defeated Charlotte Independenc 61-6 without that back…..

    Upsets are waiting to happen, we’ve just got to make sure our teams don’t get burned in Round One….

  13. The Charlotte teams are good because they focus on football. They have “programs” in place in those schools.
    Northwest is building theirs. 1 season does not build a program. Check out the other schools in Guilford County, they have prograsms because they have put the work into it. Northwest has a long way to go to be able to be mentioned in the same conversation as
    Page, NE, Dudley, and Ragsdale. They all have traditions and coaches that have worked very hard to accomplish what the yhave .
    They also have kids who have a “blue collar “work ethic that allows them to stay hungry. There are no special
    privileges or selfish parents in these programs that try to intimidate coaches or AD’s. The coaches have been allowed to work and build
    their programs to a level where they are recognized all over the state.

    Give Coach “W” a chance, and dont meddle in his affairs. Let him coach his players without any outside agitation. If he is allowed to do that , then the NW family will have something to be proud of. Also, this arrogant attitude that is always displayed by NW people, GET OVER IT.
    Humility is only a economic depression away.

  14. NW is good, no there not, yes they are, no there not. Grow up people! It appears they have a shrine bowl linebacker, two really good runningbacks, A high rated QB and a strong defense and they ended up 8-3 loosing two games by a total of 4 points. Give it a break already.

  15. Coach –

    You must be one of the most ignorant, stereotyping and judgemental person that has posted on this blog. Let’s get one thing straight – every kid that attends NW is not rich AND they live in the same economy that everyone else in this county is living in. My family struggles to keep our kids clothed and fed and to help them have all the necessities they need for school and NO we don’t live in an affluant neighborhood. Unless you walk in EVERYONE’s shoes at NW, shut up! To even insinuate that everyone is rich that attends there is ludicrous and shows your stupidity.

    And by the way, no one interferes with Coach Woodruff’s team. He is his own person and it not influenced by social status and money. He has more integrity than that. I know it’s hard for someone like you to believe that there are coaches still left in high school that don’t play that game.

  16. NW and Page have had very good seasons. I just wish these teams played in the 4A and not the 4AA. Don’t know if you guys have seen this but the 4AA is on a whole other level when it comes to football. For one of these teams to make it past the 2nd round in the playoffs would be a miracle! So I’m tired of others in the triad that like to take shots at these two teams. Saying one and done or won’t make it past the 2nd round…..If the rest of the schools in the Triad played Butler, Richmond, or Mallard Creek they wouldn’t stand a chance either!

  17. I agree with confused and also coach. We should not tell people to shut up or think that they are stupid.

    BTW…”Stereotype” is the correct spelling. Before you post, make sure you check your spelling, you will hurt all Nw p[eople.

  18. What?!!! A non rich kid at NWG! We’ll find out who this is and get rid of him/her! How dare NWG allow a such a thing! I demand answers now!…LOL ..

    Coach- Really bad post dude! There are a lot of rich kids that play for NWG That work hard on and off the field. These kids parents wouldn’t have it any other way! The toughest, most hard nosed kid I’ve ever been around is probably the richest!

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