Tough to process: Caulton Tudor among those who still can’t understand the firing of Dino Gaudio…

This has been a hard one to process….You fire one coach(Gaudio) whose teams went [61-31] and you bring in another coach(Bzdelik) whose teams went [36-58]….

What is the trade-off rate here??? Will this change work? It won’t take long to find out, since the ACC basketball teams are due to get started with non-conference games this week….

Here’s Tudor’s take and he has been at the helm of ACC sportwriters for many seasons and this Tudor take comes in from the by way of the News and Observer in Raleigh……

The firing of Dino Gaudio by Wake Forest after last season long will rate among the strangest basketball coaching changes in ACC history.

It was certainly the league’s most unusual since Maryland ditched Lefty Driesell after his 1985-86 team finished 19-14 and narrowly lost to UNLV in the NCAA second round.

Deacons athletic director Ron Wellman said Gaudio was dismissed for a failure to win in the ACC and NCAA events even though his three teams won 61 of 92 overall games.

Just as extraordinary as the firing of Gaudio was the decision to hire journeyman Jeff Bzdelik after his three Colorado teams had gone 36-58.

Generally unaddressed through the changeover was the issue of programming, which must have been at least as much of a factor as Gaudio’s disappointing March results.

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And where’s Dino Gaudio these days? Is he still coaching college basketball?? Anybody got the scoop???


  1. The folks at Wake were getting tired of watching UNC and Duke rack up championships left and right. If you follow the “Big 4” schools, you would know UNC, Duke, and even State have not one but several NCAA championships between them. Wake I believe has just one final 4 apperance and that’s it. I’m not sure I agree with the coach they have chosen but a change needed to be made.Gaudio is a good person but was not going to get it done long term.

  2. Wake Forest had two very good coaches in Carl Tacy and Dave Odom and they ran those guys off too…Tacy was right there with N.C. State and he had better teams than both Duke and North Carolina when Tacy had Rod Griffin, Skip Brown, Jerry Schellenberger and others….

    Tacy and Odom both had great runs and Odom and his Deacs won the ACC Championship at the Greensboro Coliseum with men like Rusty Larue and then Wake took it to an even higher level in the Tim Duncan era with Odom in charge….

    The day that the Wake Forest Demon Deacons are able to make it the Final Four in basketball and reach the level of Duke, UNC and N.C. State will be the same day that the Wake Forest hockey team moves all their home games to the Yadkin River……

    Bezdelik will be bedazzled…..

  3. Bottom line is you can’t get anything started if you keep running these guys off…..Come up with some cash and get a guy like a Jeff Capel Jr. over there or maybe Larue can do the job…..Tom Palumbo at Guilford College would make a nice DI fit….He’s proven he can recruit the Big Man…..Bezdelik is 58 years old and his track record is like an NBA fast break…..He has Larry Brown-type blood, he’s just not as well known….

    Want him to come in there and take you to the NCAA’s and then have to sit back and watch him take off with your top player or players on a run back to the NBA as an assistant coach? That might be part of a long-term or master plan…..

  4. C’mon Andy, the guy hasn’t even coached his first game at Wake. Dino Gaudio’s teams quit on him every year in March. That’s why he got fired. You saw it.

    Also, there was nothing strange about the firing of Lefty Driesell.

  5. Gaudio was doing fine until the team hit that rough stretch in mid-February last season….He was in line to be the ACC Coach of the Year and had him picked to be just that….Then he got the axe…….

    Wake didn’t have any finishers last year…..When Jeff Teague and James Johnson left early for the NBA off of the previous years’ team, the lack of those type of finsishers killed Wake in the ACC stretch run last season….

    Look at Bzdelik’s track record. He will be gone in three years or less and Wake will be in worse shape than they were before he came there…

    I was in Hickory at a regional high school game a few years back and Wake was there to see Brendan Haywood(Dudley) and Kris Lang(Gastonia Huss)….Dave Odom was there as the head coach and he his then assistants in Frank Haith, Jerry Wainwright, and Ernie Nestor…That was a very tight staff and they all went on to DI jobs….Wake did not get Haywood or Lang, and Odom was sent down the road to South Carolina later on, but what about Haith(now at Miami)….

    Haith would make a solid coach for Wake Forest and he knows the territory in and around the Carolinas, having grown up in Alamance County and attended Western Alamance High School….

    Have faith, maybe Haith will come back to the Triad one day…..Wake needs to make sure they aren’t afraid to hire a black coach….You need to go ahead and break down the barriers….This is 2010 and the hire of Sidney Lowe seems to be working out very well at N.C. State….A young coach, that knows the players and a coach that the players can identify with…..Guards are crucial and Lowe seems to now be getting those guards at N.C. State…Ryan Harrow, Lorenzo Brown, Tyler Lewis and the other new guard that N.C. State picked up last week…..

    I know these guards and especially the point guards and I am in the process of becoming of the East Coach expert in this category….I will have of list of my Guilford County guards coming out soon and it shouldn’t be too much longer before I turn that list loose….Kids have been E-mailing wanting to be on the list and wanting to know if they are on the list already….

    A few of those names that I studying and I expect to be receiving a few calls from the West Coast later on in the week, even though I am trying to stay with the East…People from all over the country want this information and some want to steal it, but I have to be selective in what I give and take…

    I know the guards and they if their name show up here they have a good shot to end up at a major university…..

    Here are a few of those names….

    Michael Neal
    Mitch Oates
    Burrell Brown
    Jalen Ross
    Reed Lucas
    John Terry
    Jackson Kent
    Frankie Eaves
    Reggie Perkins
    Patrick Chandler
    Jaquel Richmond
    Butch Huffman
    Adam Gunn
    Brandon Hairston
    Matt Pawlowski
    Hunter Cleary
    Bryce Benjamin
    Sam Hunt(combo)
    Austen Thompson
    CJ Plummer
    PJ Hairston
    Asad Lamont

    Many of these kids are already on DI lists and some already have scholarship offers and I helped get them on the map and was glad to do it….

    If the rest of you want to get on board, you know my E-mail address and if the adults want info I will try and answer your questions too….

    Seth Curry is a kid at Duke that I am looking forward to seeing this year for the Blue Devils…I watched his game while he was in high school and I want to see what he does now that he is in the ACC….Reggie Bullock is another kid that I have observed many times when he was in HS and look forward to his game developing too….

    I really enjoyed studying the Owensboro, Kentucky brand/style of basketball that guys like Jeff Lamp, Lee Raker, Jeff Jones and Terry Gates were bringing to the table back in the mid-70’s at Virginia….That is when I began to break down their games and take some of the things that they were doing and incorporate them into my system….

    Looking forward to another great high school and college year and if see a real talented guard out there, chances are that I have already been in contact with his people and he will be going DI with this web blog backing him up….

    We get results….Just ask around…..

  6. Matt P., the NWG QB, is also the NWG PG……

    Matt Pawlowski is the team leader in both sports at Northwest, QB football and Point Guard for basketball….

  7. It sounds like this man Andy is on a roll, so I would back away from him and let him blow off his steam. When they are on a roll it is best to back off and let them roll on out of here. If he is on the sauce again and if he is loaded, this could be dangerous. Sounds like a handful.

    Basketball should not be taken this serious. It could be hazardous to your health and your income if you good people are placing bets on your favorite teams. Might be time to back away and enjoy a good ripe fall apple or pear and give the sports rest for a few days.

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